h to interior design leads to better outcomes for care home residents and owners.

managers have to answer for their team’s work, they want to ensure their team completed every step possible, so nothing was leſt undone. This type of mentality kills innovation and employee productivity because it stifles original thought. At Catalyst I’ve always encouraged our award-winning team to use the benefit of the considerable investment in their training, and time to study the very latest research, to produce fantastic care home interiors that deliver the outcomes that meet, and indeed surpass, the owners and investors expectations, by delivering interiors that mean new homes have the ‘wow factor’ and fill quicker than the competitors’ projects, and become the stand- out healthcare facility in the local region.

This doesn’t mean that Catalyst Interiors doesn’t have policies and procedures, we do and our team respects them. However, we are fluid in our implementation of the rules, and we consider whether a task is absolutely necessary to get the result and if not, we don’t do it. We certainly don’t burden our team with multiple checklists, and we allow them to suggest ways to get to the results with minimal interference, it suits us all, and experience proves that it works.

The awards that we consistently win, allied to 22 years of wider success in the care sector, is built on being a specialist rather than a generalist (no hotels for us!) and a complete adherence to a results-based focus across every member of our team. We recognise that results, not tasks, retains and grows our customer base and makes Catalyst Interiors the market leader that it is today.

In the years of continued growth, I believe that we have improved year on year, and although the incremental margins get harder to achieve in theory, in practice it has been easier

to achieve. How? Well, it’s not an understatement to say that empowering the team, through better recruitment and selection, and then giving them comprehensive and on- going training and development assistance, allied to setting out a clear results-based methodology has been key. The comprehensive detail that has been studied and absorbed in areas like design for dementia (a subject that I could write a paper on by itself) and the commercial needs of our customers to ‘wow’ their future customers’ families within seconds of entering a care home that we’ve designed and fitted out, has been fine-tuned into a process whereby our team know at commencement of a project what we have to achieve. That is to deliver the most attractive care home possible, which will achieve the highest fill rate possible in the shortest period, and will start to deliver ROI for our customers in a best-in-class fashion.

Through specific knowledge of factors as diverse as ‘too heavy a bathroom set slows down the laundry process’ to ‘too small a nickel content in a cutlery set tarnishes the appearance too quickly; to ‘a few pounds extra spent on a pillow will give better and disproportionate gain than the electrics off the bed they lie on’ demonstrates the point. We are 100% focussed on results, first last and in the middle too.

If that sounds like the type of care home interiors specialist, with obsessive attention to detail, proven success and a specialist focus to the sector unequalled by others, I sincerely hope that you’ll want to speak with us ahead and learn more as to why Catalyst Interiors are the results achievers bar none in the care sector. - 25 -

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