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Relocation service firm, Yorkshire Move Manager, which specialises in helping elderly clients with downsizing to smaller properties, sheltered housing and retirement villages, is to roll out its service to aid property developers in the region.

Founder and director, Michelle Park, explained: “One of the trickiest barriers to relocation is the fear of the upheaval involved, and for elderly people in particular this can be very traumatic. We are looking to work with property developers in this sector to provide a service which takes the stress out of the equation.”

Michelle and her partner Andrew Toft find that often it is simply spending time with someone going through this process that is required.

Andrew commented: “Just having a friendly person to chat with while sorting through piles of possessions makes it a lot less lonely and overwhelming. We don’t carry the emotional baggage that a family member might in the same situation, and we are able to provide practical help to get the client moved safely and stress free to their new home.”

While many developers offer financial help with the sale of the original

home in order to facilitate the sale of the new one, there is generally little real support provided for the other practicalities and it is here that Yorkshire Move Manager can make a significant difference.

Michelle and Andrew provide specialist one-to-one support to make the home move easy. From engaging removal companies, organising, sorting and downsizing possessions (including the sale of unwanted items), floor planning, packing up, unpacking at the new home and change of address tasks, their help is tailored to the needs of older purchasers during their move.

Developers are able to offer the Yorkshire Move Manager service directly to purchasers, either as an optional add-on with the new property sale, or simply as a referral to facilitate faster, smoother sales and provide added value for the purchasers in a competitive market.

The firm, which operates nationally and works with partners around the country, is accredited by The National Association of Senior Move Managers, the body dedicated to helping the elderly and their families with downsizing and relocating. CHILDCARE PROVIDER LAUNCHES ELDERLY CARE SERVICE

Great Minders, the brainchild of the directors behind childcare agency Like Minders, has launched to fill the gap in the market for elderly care across the UK.

It comes at a time when government cuts have all but halted free care for those with low or non-medical care needs, and therefore offers an alternative to elderly people who require companionship and help around the home.

Commenting on the launch, Director, Bryony Sullivan, said: “We believe that there is no black and white solution to elderly care and there

seems to be this void between elderly people who are self-sufficient, to those needing full time medical care. Those who just need help around the home or companionship tend to be the ones who are neglected.

“We want to bridge the gap and so our services are aimed at people who need a little extra help, whether that is personal care, driving to appointments, help around the house or garden or just someone to chat to or have a cup of tea with. Through our market research we found that one of the biggest problems elderly people face in our society is loneliness. We hope that

by putting people in touch with local companions they can build up friendships and local contacts.”

Great Minders is an online platform that connects elderly people with local carers for general care and companionship. It can be used by care seekers themselves or their families or representatives. It is free to register, but there is a charge if a care seeker wants to be able to contact carers directly.

All carers have been interviewed by Great Minders and had references checked. - 7 -

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