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Bluerock Healthcare Adapts To Care Certificate

With April 2015 fast approaching, the health and social care sector is preparing for a year of sweeping changes to accommodate the upcoming launch of the Care Certificate.

Implementing the changes associated with the care certificate has not only required care providers to adjust their infrastructure, but also various healthcare staff providers, such as Bluerock Healthcare.

Established in 2014, Bluerock Healthcare is a nationwide staff provider that has made major steps in its first year of trading. With its 1st year anniversary coming up in April, Bluerock Healthcare has temporarily put all celebrations on ice to prioritise adaptations for the Care Certificate.

Since day one, the West Yorkshire based company has specialised in providing its healthcare staff with an intensive training course. With each member of staff required to complete Bluerock’s healthcare induction course, it’s important that the company stays on top of legislative changes.

Working closely with care training provider North East Yorkshire Healthcare Service (NEYHS), Bluerock has adapted its training programme to accommodate all fifteen new standards. Building on the eight Common Induction Standards that were previously covered, a selection of new topics including Fluids and Nutrition and Dementia and Cognitive Issues, have been added to the syllabus.

Bluerock Healthcare Managing Director Alex Cleary commented: “We have adapted the training course to fall in line with the Care Certificate, ensuring that all standards are met and without any loss of quality. Most importantly, we see the new standards as not simply a change, but a real positive change to the health and social care sector.”

This means that prior to arriving at a new placement healthcare staff have already gained a vast amount of practical training and the knowledge to

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enable an easier transition to their new workplace. With a broader range of standards being taught, it is guaranteed that, as the Care Certificate Framework states, “compassionate and high-quality care and support” will be instilled in all Bluerock staff.

Future Plans In an attempt to keep up with the ever-increasing demand for its staff, Bluerock Healthcare is now considering moving from fortnightly to weekly training groups. The company also has its sights set on launching a new recruitment drive overseas. Later this year, the team will pack its bags and head to the first of a select number of European destinations to hold its own healthcare recruitment job fairs.

Rebecca Scales, Senior Manager at Bluerock Healthcare, said: “It’s a very exciting time for us at the minute. For those looking to attend, we’ll be sharing the destination

details on our website very soon. With the Bluerock foundation built on recruiting domestically in the UK, we’re keen to branch out and recruit the high-quality standard of staff that we pride ourselves on – only this time from across Europe.”

With the imminent launch of the new campaign, Bluerock’s ever-growing presence and reputation is sure to increase, this time spreading across the continent to those highly-skilled European healthcare staff who are keen to apply their skills to the UK healthcare sector.

Upcoming Anniversary Once the adaptation process to the Care Certificate is underway, Bluerock will celebrate its milestone anniversary with those who it believes are the face of the company – the healthcare staff. The team understands the importance of maintaining the family feel that the company was built on, so Bluerock arranges a fun activity for office and healthcare staff in each new training group.

The anniversary festivities will involve a particularly special day for candidates. Bluerock Events Coordinator, Laura Baker, said: “It gives us a good chance to bond and get to know the candidates in a less formal environment. From the start, this company has always preserved that family feel, and it’s something that we believe has got us to where we are today. The candidates are an integral part of this company, and we believe this is a great way for each candidate to understand their value to Bluerock.”

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