route, significantly lowering the carbon footprint of the product from its creation stage through to the end of its life when it can be fully recycled and made into another sustainable product.

The team at Meryl Medical were also keen to address the flexibility of the fabric ensuring that as many people as possible could benefit from the innovation, so it was important to use fabric that could function in different types of settings and product designs including bedding, doctors’ coats, underclothes, workwear, and face covers.

The specialised fabrics are made with a superior construction to ensure a high-quality specification that are soſt to the touch. The fabrics contain zero shedding microplastics, and are made with zero water for colouring process with antiviral and antibacterial properties.

In partnership with Nylstar Hydrogen Technologies, Meryl Medical has developed strong and durable textiles that can be completely reused, focusing on environmental impact, quality and protection built around a sustainable circular economy. The company is committed to supporting the UN’s sustainable development goal of responsible consumption and production by changing the way we produce and consume goods and resources.

Meryl Medical’s impressive material is completely non- shedding, zero microfibre pollution in air or water. The company prides itself on virtually eradicating all production waste at the manufacturing stage, which can be as high as 22%, by returning weaving and cutting waste for reuse in new yarns.

The fabric can also be washed at a lower temperature than cotton-based materials and has a hugely reduced transport


SUCCESS Bluebird Care Leeds North has recently been announced as winners in two categories at this year’s Yorkshire & Humber Great British Care Awards.

The home care provider was presented with the Home Care Worker Award and Social Care Covid Heroes Team Award at the ceremony, which took place on 21st July at the Railway Museum in York.

The Great British Care Awards are a series of regional events throughout the UK and are a celebration of excellence across the care sector. The awards pay tribute to those who have demonstrated outstanding excellence within their field of work.

The Home Care Worker Award, which recognises the significant role of consistently providing a high-quality standard of care for people living in their own homes, was achieved by Bluebird Care Leeds North Carer, Rukhsana Ali.

Despite the challenges presented by the pandemic, Rukhsana continued to go above and beyond for her customers this past year, oſten sacrificing her own personal time for the needs and happiness of those in her care.

- 6 -

Kevin Simpson, Co-founder and Innovator at Meryl Medical, commented: “This is an exciting time for Meryl Medical and the healthcare industry as we have created an innovative product that will greatly reduce the environmental impact on society with its recyclability and sustainability components. Our fabrics are manufactured with zero water waste, zero chemicals or solvents and zero microfibres.

“The average lifecycle of textiles, including laundering,

accounts for 6.7% of all global greenhouse emissions, which is equivalent of every person taking a 2,500-mile flight every year. Meryl Medical is passionate about the environment and sustainability and we are ready to do our part in helping to change the healthcare sector for the better.”

Reflecting on her award success, Rukhsana Ali, said: “I absolutely love to care for our customers. All of them are so interesting and I have learnt a lot from them whilst I care for them. Work is my happy place and I feel this is my calling. Everyone is so kind and supportive in our team and everyone in the office helps me with anything I need. I feel honoured to receive this award and I will treasure it.”

Bluebird Care Leeds North also attained collective success for the Social Care Covid Heroes Team Award.

Sheree Jenman, Director of Bluebird Care Leeds North, said: “We’re extremely proud of our team. To achieve these awards, in the face of a pandemic, is evidence of the great work we all do at Bluebird Care Leeds North. The fantastic individuals that make up our team ensure that we provide exceptional care to all our customers time and time again.”

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