GRACEWELL HOMES Care UK and Signature Senior Lifestyle (Signature) have announced that they will be taking over the leadership and management of all of Sunrise Senior Living UK and Gracewell Healthcare’s homes in the UK.

The news comes aſter a decision from Sunrise Senior Living US to focus its growth and development within North America. Signature will welcome 20 homes (18 Sunrise and 2 Gracewell), with Care UK welcoming the other 26 (7 Sunrise and 19 Gracewell) to their portfolio.

The three parties are now working together closely, and the transfer of the homes is anticipated to take place towards the end of the year. Providing exceptional care to residents will remain the focus throughout the transition.

Andrew Knight, CEO of Care UK, said: “The Sunrise and Gracewell homes provide an exciting addition to our portfolio and will enable us to extend our reach into new local markets and continue our mission to provide safe and stimulating environments in which residents are supported to lead fulfilling lives.

“The teams in the Sunrise and Gracewell homes have a strong reputation for delivering excellent care and we have a huge amount of respect for the work they are doing. We are looking forward to working closely with the team over the next few months and are excited to welcome residents and colleagues into the Care UK family.”

Aidan Roche, CEO of Signature Senior Lifestyle, said: “Adding 20 new homes to our portfolio is the latest stage of the growth story that began when we started the business in 2006 and is a testament to the hard work and dedication of the entire Signature team.


INTO CARE HOMES New research has revealed that over 40% of Brits would choose to have an elderly parent live with them today versus putting them in a care home, with over a third of children admitting they are ‘frightened’ by the idea of placing their parents into a home.

The research was commissioned by Kepler Vision Technologies in the wake of the COVID care home crisis, which has prompted scrutiny of the way that patients are being treated, many people are reviewing their options regarding how to care for sick and elderly parents.

Over a third (35%) of UK residents with elderly parents admit to being frightened by the idea of placing their parents into a care home with concerns ranging from the transmission of COVID-19, to loneliness, and fears of them falling over alone and sustaining an injury.

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“Since day one, Signature has pursued a relentless focus on quality, with the resident at the heart of everything we do. We will be working towards a seamless transition for staff and residents and are hugely excited to be taking these next steps together.”

Despite these concerns, when questioned about the perception of public sector care homes, 60% of people with parents in care believe that the quality is improving, compared to 35% of people who don’t have a parent in care demonstrating a deep divide between those who have experience of the care sector and those who don’t. This also holds true for private care homes, with 49% of respondents seeing improvements in quality, versus 32% without a parent in a care home. The most commonly cited reasons for improvements being better care staff (50% of respondents) and better monitoring systems (49%).

Dr Harro Stokman, CEO of Kepler Vision Technologies said: “Skilled carers remain the single most important element of the care home industry, but the last year and the ongoing staffing crisis have put them under enormous pressure. No-one should have to worry that their parents are getting anything but the very best care, and it is encouraging to see people recognising the importance of monitoring systems in ensuring that.”

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