Products Keep flies at bay

One of the downsides of the warm weather is that flies and flying insects will start to appear.

There are vast numbers of different species of fly – each one having its own distinct life cycle and home. Fruit flies, sometimes called vinegar flies, are a common problem. They thrive on the fruit and vegetable remains in bins that, on a hot summer’s day, start to break down into a semi- liquid soup. The tiny yellowish-brown flies with bright red eyes will appear almost overnight and great clouds of them can erupt from unsealed bins.

Controlling flying insects is vital for any premises as they are a health hazard and a nuisance. A single housefly can pick up and transport disease-carrying bacteria from and to every surface, including food preparation areas.

Gone are the days when electric fly killers were noisy and unattractive. Now you can choose from eight different types. Each Electrifly UV fly killer unit comes with a maintenance contract which includes any repair services, as well as replacement tubes and parts.

Regular maintenance is vital and electric fly units must be emptied and cleaned regularly – preferably by contractors. This task is important so that the fly killers are always working effectively and efficiently.

In early summer wasps start to cause problems as nests reach maximum size and the queens start to lay their eggs. The worker wasps can be seen out and about foraging for savoury food and stripping wood for nest building. Be extra vigilant and check around the outside of premises for wasps entering through gaps.

Award-winning Cleankill Pest Control recommends an The new standard

Kärcher has announced that the revolutionary EASY!Force trigger fun is now available across all Kärcher hot and cold Professional pressure washers, up to a maximum pressure of 300 bar.

The EASY!Force trigger gun unlocks the power to make cleaning comfortable, allowing users the freedom to master any high-pressured task with effortless control. The trigger gun provides full power with zero force, letting the water do the work.

Whether using a compact cold water pressure washer for on-the-move cleaning jobs where easy transportation is essential, or a hot water model for cutting through tougher grease and dirt, EASY!Force puts the power and control effortlessly in your hands.

Following research into the pressure and strain put on muscles and joints from repetitive and prolonged use of a pressure washer, Kärcher made improvements to how the


integrated pest prevention contract with an agreed schedule of visits during the year. This gives you peace of mind and is more cost effective than emergency call outs.

trigger is activated. Now at the rear of the gun, it is the recoil of the water jet that automatically presses the trigger into the palm, contributing to stress-free and effortless use. The reduced force action prevents hand and finger strain and in turn muscle cramps, allowing for longer operating periods.

Kärcher has also included a redesign of the lance and high-pressure hose, which features the new trapezoidal EASY!Lock thread. This new lock combines quick release coupling with the safety of a threaded connection with only a single turn. The EASY!Lock screw-thread also allows for a tight and reliable connection with a single turn, providing greater flexibility when cleaning. The ball and valve seat within the trigger gun are also now manufactured in high- grade ceramic to ensure a long lasting, reliable seal.

Hot and cold water pressure washers featuring the EASY!Force trigger gun can save time, effort and in the long run, money. Cleaning has never been so easy.

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