MAPEPROOF PRIMER Mapeproof Primer is the latest addition to Mapei’s range of surface membranes, with the added bonuses of being single component, water-based and moisture suppressing, with very low emission of VOC.

Ready for use with no mixing required, Mapeproof Primer is quick and easy to roller apply; the primer is green in colour to assist with application, certifying full coverage of cement-based substrates. Suitable for both large projects and domestic installations internally, this Mapei offering also benefits from no waste, and can be resealed and stored with no qualms for future use.

For particularly porous substrates, Mapeproof Primer should be diluted 1:1 with water prior to a further two undiluted coats, to ensure that the primer penetrates into the surface of the screed. It must be applied in a minimum of two coats over the whole floor at a temperature of above 10°c.

Upon full application and once dried, the primer provides a waterproof surface membrane, blocking the passing of residual construction moisture from affecting subsequent floorcovering installations, thus allowing early installation of floorcoverings.

For protection against moisture, use Mapeproof Primer before levelling your floor.


FROM MILLIKEN Edge Lit is a bold new carpet tile and plank collection from Milliken, offered in 12 radiant colours ranging from vivid brights to rich neutrals and available in both a plank and tile format. It is inspired by the transformational and delineating attributes of light, such as a prism transforming sunlight into a splendid rush of colour or a black light exposing points of the spectrum. The collection is bright, graphic and uplifting, providing the perfect elements to transform a workspace to inspire, excite and motivate.

The impulse behind the collection was to help create invigorating workspaces

that could stimulate imagination, new thinking and reignite workplace creativity to help with the transition back to work. Also to offer employees who have been working from home during lockdown, a place where people can come together – responsibly - to collaborate. Edge Lit helps to create a mood of positivity and promote mental wellbeing.

The collection has been created by the Milliken design team to build a unique interior concept every time by coordinating with other Milliken collections through mixing textures and combining finishes. The Edge Lit collection with its various shapes, patterns and colours can be used to define zones and map out areas to facilitate responsible collaborative working – a fundamental aspect of work much missed by many during lockdown.

An exceptional array of digital tools are available to enable customers to preview Edge Lit and create their own unique pattern and layout. While some people may not be able to meet face-to-face, Milliken is facilitating and encouraging customers to get hands-on and creative with the collection in the virtual world. With Milliken’s online visualiser, the Edge Lit collection can be previewed in over 40 pre-selected rooms either on its own or combined with other Milliken carpet or LVT collections. Or using the ‘My Room’ visualisation tool an image can be uploaded and transformed with Edge Lit and other collections in real time. There’s also an interactive brochure and 4m x 4m Edge Lit layouts to download and render directly into existing floor plans.

Edge Lit comes in 25cm x 1m planks and 1m x 1m tiles and is of tufted, textured loop pile construction. As standard it comes with cushion backing which not only offers superior underfoot comfort but also contributes to improved workplace accoustics. To further reduce its environmental impact, Edge Lit can be supplied with TractionBack for adhesive-free installation, improving indoor air quality and reducing materials’ usage. PRODUCTS & SERVICES | 39

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