Simon Gosling, left, recording an episode of The Quiet Mark Podcast, at the Business Design Centre. AllSfär Diffuse Acoustic Furniture and Öra Mural Acoustic Panels helped block out noise from the busy event and improve acoustics for recording.

It can be hard to anticipate acoustics functionality within a design. Thanks to virtual reality systems, architects are beginning to listen to how the spaces they design might sound like through ‘auralisations’ of structures using acoustic modelling software like Odeon, as offered by ARUP. In episode five of The Quiet Mark Podcast, Adrian Passmore explains how ARUP uses such auralisations to prevent sound transfer between spaces and make design decisions such as where to place absorption, diffusion or reflective surfaces.

“Building design is now evolving to prioritise responsible sound-

design transforming living spaces into harmonious soundscapes that deliver excellent acoustics

to support health, wellbeing and desire for quieter living.”

Of course, not every project needs or has the budget for ‘auralisations’ nevertheless, without the knowledge required to fully appreciate the benefits of acoustic product capability, sound often comes low in build priority and appropriate materials are not used.

Quiet Mark’s Acoustic Academy platform provides excellent and appropriate acoustic solutions for every building scenario; enabling them to be found and sourced, easily and quickly.


THE QUIET MARK PODCAST To increase the reach of Acoustics Academy and further educate on the complex technical details of acoustic design solutions, making them more easily accessible, better- understood and higher priority, Quiet Mark launched an accompanying podcast series: The Quiet Mark Podcast, available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Podbean, Buzzsprout and other leading platforms.

Hosted by Quiet Mark CMO, Simon Gosling, (TED speaker and Campaign Magazine Tech Awards - New Tech Pioneer Award winner), the podcast explores the human relationship with sound, the psychoacoustics of soundscapes and raises awareness to the dangers of noise pollution.

Now in its eigth episode, Simon has enjoyed conversations with leading figures in acoustics and sound design, including: Wade Bray, Vice President, HEAD acoustics, Inc; Shane Cryer, Concept Developer Education, Saint-Gobain Ecophon; Mike Jacob, Co-Founder, Kiss House, and all of the Acoustics Academy launch event speakers.

Poppy Szkiler, Founder and CEO, Quiet Mark commented: “Acoustics Academy is our new online platform developed to serve the building sector by further equipping and empowering industry to easily find the latest expert-approved acoustic materials, products and solutions organised in a one-stop online hub for the right building applications and scenarios.

“Building design is now evolving to prioritise responsible sound-design transforming living spaces into harmonious soundscapes that deliver excellent acoustics to support health, wellbeing and desire for quieter living. A property that has been carefully designed acoustically creates a beautiful, calm, supportive environment, reducing unnecessary stress for all inhabitants for generations to come.”

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