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BUILT ON TRUST Kellars is a leading, independent flooring wholesale company supplying a range of flooring to retailers, trade customers and


ECO TX3 Further to the Mapei Group launch of their new TX range of adhesives earlier this year, Mapei UK now introduces Ultrabond Eco TX3. Made in the UK, the premium adhesive has excellent wet grab properties and early build up of strength and is suitable for the installation of carpet with all types of backing.

PERFECT PROFILES A formidable collection ensures that floorwise can deliver the perfect profile, whatever the occasion.

From the best-selling Classic to the in-demand Zenith and premium Max Reflections ranges, floorwise trade counters across the UK and Ireland provide retailers and installers with great value profiles ready to tackle any challenge.

Classic has been a mainstay of the floorwise profiles collection for well over a decade, providing standard sim brass and aluminium finishes across a broad range of applications. With cover strips, dual and single edges and z-edge, this is the collection for versatility, offering installers a great go-to collection ready to handle any installation.


The last two years have seen significant investment within the company, with £2m being spent on fleet and transport alone, and further investment planned with more vehicles being added and further depots opening or being extended during the rest of 2020.

Kellars has over 2million square metres of flooring in stock at their depots across Northern England and Scotland to meet all residential flooring solutions, with products including carpets, laminate,

Ultrabond Eco TX3 is particularly suitable for commercial projects subjected to heavy foot and castor wheel traffic, including hotels, offices, airports, restaurants and so on.

The adhesive is solvent-free, certified Emicode EC1 Plus (very low emissions of VOC) and is now available in 15kg tubs.

Ultrabond Eco TX3 is the first of three new adhesives joining Mapei’s re- branded Ultrabond Eco Adhesives range. Existing favourites include Ultrabond Eco VS90 Plus, Ultrabond Eco Fix and Ultrabond Eco 4 LVT.

Zenith brings similar levels of versatility for wood, laminate and LVT floors in a range of wood effects, as well as matt silver and matt gold finishes. With stick-down cover strips in popular wood looks such as grey oak and dark oak, Zenith has become an exceptionally popular collection in recent years, offering more flexibility and accessibility than design-matched options from floor manufacturers.

Max Reflections is floorwise’s answer to the perfect finish, matched to today’s door furniture, switch and socket finishes. In real chrome and a premium brushed steel nickel effect, Max Reflections offers a range of applications for carpet and hard floors, allowing a premium finish at all transitions and doorways.

luxury vinyl tile, SPC, artificial grass, and flooring accessories such as underlay, trims, screeds, and adhesives.

Kellars use international connections to access a wide range of flooring, giving a price advantage on competitors.

With a next-day delivery service across Northern England, Wales and Scotland, Kellars can get orders to trade customers faster than many competitors.

The company strives continually for excellence and is dedicated to meeting and exceeding the needs of customers, as well as being fully aware of their corporate social responsibility, supporting local communities and groups with donations of flooring and other goodwill.

Richard Bailey, Managing Director, floorwise, said: “Our profile collections ensure that no matter what the hurdle, our network of distributors and trade counters have ready access to the answer. With the Classic and Zenith collections we’ve a great range of value options for any task, and for those discerning jobs where the customer wants an extra special finish, Reflections brings the perfect profile.”

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