SPORTING When contractors were faced with uneven subfloors during a shop renovation project, th

When new owners purchased premises in Amsterdam for their sports and leisure retail business, the plan was to renovate and furnish the property as soon as possible. For the shop to open and trading to commence, the completion date was critical and contractors were under huge time constraints.

In principle, everything had to be tackled and renovated; in addition to new walls and ceilings, a new floor also had to be installed.

Each floor surface in the three-story building measured approximately 200m². A problematic factor was that the subfloor on each level consisted partly of wood and partly of a cement screed.

The original plan provided for the levelling of the entire surface. However, due to the two different substrates, this was not possible because of the high risk of cracks in the levelling layer. Further inspection of the wooden floors revealed that there were many undulations which also needed some attention.

As well as this, the existing escalator had to be taken into account. This also caused some problems as the level of the new floor could not get too high as this would create a step; posing a slip and trip risk for customers and staff.

With these considerations in mind, the Jumpax free floating underlay system from Unifloor proved to be a perfect choice for this renovation project.

With Jumpax subfloors an entirely new, super smooth subfloor can be constructed in a short period of time, allowing the laying of cements and wooden subfloors without any problem. With this method there is no drying time as Jumpax boards are pre-glued in the factory.


The top and bottom boards are laid half-brick on top of each other according to the laying instructions. The panels are joined by tapping the top panel with a rubber hammer. When installing Jumpax floors there are no waiting times, which results in a clean, dry and super-fast application.

Unifloor has various Jumpax subfloors in its range, however, in this particular case the choice fell on the Jumpax HD. This product has been specially developed for heavily frequented areas such as public buildings and is also heavy-load bearing; a perfect choice in a shop design with racks.

There were a number of buttresses in the building that needed to be skillfully worked around. As the Jumpax boards come in a handy size of 60 x 120 cm and can easily be made to measure with a knife or jigsaw, making curves in these sheets is no problem at all.

For large projects, contractors can always call on a Unifloor specialist who will be present at the start of the project. This enables any potential delays to be identified and a solution to be found even during the course of the project.

Both the owner and contractors on the project were impressed with the Jumpax floor. It was possible to work clean and dry and the waste stream consisted solely of paper (laying instructions) and PE foil which can be easily recycled.

It is important that a Jumpax subfloor is properly acclimatised in the packaging and in the room where the floor will be laid. In addition, as stated in Unifloor’s guarantee conditions, a PE foil must always be used as a moisture barrier. This should have a thickness of at least 150 µ.

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