diverted over 750,000 bottles from the environment through sales of Texfelt’s ground- breaking SpringBond underlay.


SUSTAINABILITY Designer Contracts, the UK’s largest flooring contractor, and Texfelt, a world leading manufacturer of eco-engineered PU foam replacements, have been named as finalists in a prestigious industry partnership awards.

The two companies have an exclusive arrangement to sell a unique, fully recyclable underlay made from single- use plastic bottles to the new-build sector. To date Designer Contracts has


CHAMPIONS Cornwall-based Absolute Flooring SW has been rewarded for its environmental efforts in diverting waste vinyl flooring from landfill with an award from Recofloor, the flooring sector’s sustainable take-back scheme for commercial waste vinyl generated from all types of projects.

The specialist hard flooring contractor was named Drop-Off Site User of the Year in the 2021 Recofloor Awards, having collected around two tonnes of material for recycling throughout last year despite the pandemic challenges.

Ben Clarkson, Absolute Flooring SW Surveyor, said: “It was a pleasant surprise to hear that we had won and that our efforts had been recognised. We were put forward by one of our distributors, Fitwell Flooring, due to the sheer volumes of recyclable material we were delivering to them for recycling through Recofloor.”

The company has participated in Recofloor for five years and uses the


Their joint efforts have now been recognised in the annual

Premises & Facilities Management magazine partnership awards in the ‘Partners in Sustainability’ category. The winners will be announced on 3 November.

Peter Kelsey, Managing Director of Designer Contracts, said: “This is terrific news and testament to our belief that new home buyers are becoming increasingly aware of their impact on the environment. SpringBond has the potential to save the equivalent of 1,000 500ml PET plastic bottles from polluting our oceans and

scheme heavily on social housing contracts. Clean materials that can be recycled through the scheme are stored in a dedicated recycling area. When full, these are dropped off at nearby Fitwell Flooring in a single trip to limit vehicle usage and reduce their carbon footprint.

Congratulating the team on their award, Recofloor Scheme Manager, Carla Eslava said: “As a company committed to recycling their vinyl flooring waste, Absolute Flooring SW is a great example of how using Recofloor at participating flooring distributors contributes to the sustainability of the flooring sector and helps to reduce the environmental impact of the construction industry.”

Established more than 11 years ago by flooring manufacturers Polyflor and

the environment if used throughout an average three-bedroom house.”

Long committed to environmental initiatives, Designer Contracts has won Carpet Recycling UK’s ‘Take Back’ award four times for an initiative that has diverted over 250 tonnes of carpet waste each year from landfill. The privately owned company has 15 regional offices around mainland UK supplying floorcoverings to housing developers, housing associations, care homes, the educational and public building sectors.

Texfelt is a family-run business, based in Bradford, with a 160 year history of working in the textiles industry. Today it upcycles fibres derived from single- use plastics and textiles, to create innovative new products for the home that can be fully recycled. SpringBond is manufactured using Texfelt’s unique Kytech manufacturing process, serving the flooring, furniture and bedding markets. To date it has saved some 18million plastic bottles from going into the oceans and polluting the environment.

Altro, the Recofloor scheme diverts waste vinyl flooring from landfill. To date, more than 5,500 tonnes of material has been recycled through Recofloor and used in new products, including flooring.

The UK-wide scheme collects a range of flooring types, such as luxury vinyl tiles (LVT), smooth, safety and loose lay vinyl offcuts, roll ends as well as uplifted smooth and loose lay vinyl via contractors and distributors, as well as from larger project sites.

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