SEAL THE DEAL Bona Pure HD provides top protection and a new life to resilient surfaces under heavy wear. It is the ideal solution for heavy-traffic commercial floors where top performance is demanded quickly.

For commercial and industrial areas that are subject to substantial traffic and heavy wear, Bona Pure HD provides extremely good wear resistance, particularly in terms of mechanical resistance. It seals the surface and gives very long-lasting protection against heavy-traffic. Due to a faster curing process, the floor is ready to be used in just 12 hours after applying the final layer of Bona Pure HD. In between coats, the surface is ready to recoat in just one hour after application.

The addition of Bona Pure HD strengthens Bona’s resilient offer within the Commercial System. Bona Pure is ideal for medical and healthcare areas due to its tough chemical resistance. With its sealing power it creates a barrier against residual germs and microorganisms.

Bona SuperSport Pure HD is a hard- elastic, hardwearing PUR coating for the treatment of resilient sports floor surfaces. Compared to the industry average, Bona Pure and Bona Pure HD stands out in terms of both wear and chemical resistance. Bona Pure HD outperforms its competitors when it comes to wear resistance and Bona Pure offers outstanding chemical resistance.

Michael Klinge, Product Manager Professional Coatings and Floor Care, Bona AB, said: “Easy to use and fast curing, Bona Pure HD delivers extreme durability with scratch and wear resistance and it outperforms competitors in this area. The Bona Pure range is now as versatile as the projects

we are facing. From commercial areas with heavy traffic and busy sports floors, to medical centres with high levels of hygiene, whatever the project, Bona has the solution.”

With Bona’s Commercial System the renovation of resilient floors has never been easier.

high texture to the flooring,” explains Nathalie Serdons, Associate Director London, Jigsaw Interior Architecture. “The Dawn collection fitted the bill perfectly and the bronze colour was the perfect ode to the building’s unmistakable architecture.”

Dawn in 82B was selected for the majority of flooring used in communal areas. Made from 100% regenerated ECONYL nylon, Dawn delivers a high- performance floor that’s comfortable, durable and easy to look after. The carpet tile is joined by Gleam in 306, used as an accent in the lift lobby to create a luxury feel. Surrounded by a ceramic tile border, the carpet tile is also made with ECONYL and blends dull and glossy yarns for a chic mood.

BRONZE DELIGHT Delight carpet tiles from modulyss have been used in the communal areas of Bronze, a high-end residential development in Wandsworth, London.

Choosing Dawn and Gleam from the Delight collection by modulyss for the communal areas of Wandsworth’s Bronze Building, Jigsaw Interior Architecture are proving that carpet tiles don’t


just belong in offices. Some 700m2 of modulyss carpet tiles have been installed throughout communal areas and corridors, with the bronze colourways contrasting the white walls and reflecting the building’s bronze-clad façade.

“With the white walls in the corridors, the floor was the only element we were asked to specify and so getting the right look was super important and we wanted to bring a contrasting

Nathalie continues: “I’d certainly use these carpet tiles again. The scheme has been complemented by carefully selected art pieces on the walls for a look that’s fitting of this high-end residential development. It was also great to learn how these products can be used to create patterns and layouts and I’ll be taking this idea forward into another project.”

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