MeasureSquare is recognised as the world’s number-one planning and estimation tool for flooring b flooring sales and installations. Find out why more than 4,500 flooring businesses use MeasureSqua

Designed specifically for the flooring industry, two new modules have been added to bring increased sophistication and simplicity to MeasureSquare’s suite of estimation software solutions.

PropertyLink: provides next level product and service selection processes designed for building companies, property management companies, flooring contractors, estate agent rental managers, and insurance companies. In a world that is changing every few weeks, PropertyLink gives you stability and a simple process to communicate and collaborate with contractors, government departments, and customers.

HOW IT WORKS You can access PropertyLink via any web browser on any device the user has access to a dashboard interface. For example, the image below shows a typical builder setup listing all unit or house types the number of quotations associated with the home types or building site and orders placed. On the main toolbar the user has access to a contract product database or in other words carpets, vinyl, laminates, tile, anything a customer can select for their home. PROPERTY-LINK A NEW REMOTE

SERVICE SOLUTION Property Link is a new remote service solution creating a new way to think about how to provide product and service selections for:

● Flooring businesses large and small.

● Estate agent rental managers when it is time to replace flooring, wall products.

● Social housing departments remote tenant product selection for flooring and wall-based products.

● Builders providing client selection services associated with floor, wall, and cabinetry selections.

● Insurance companies providing product selection services for floor and wall-based products.

Never has there been a more pressing time for a new way to interact with customers, a new way to keep the cogs turning and at the same time providing state-of-the-art solutions designed to reduce contact, reduce cost, and enable remote connection, without compromising on service levels.

Property Link connects your customers via any web browser on any device, to a digital floor and wall plan of their home, business, or commercial space. Every digital plan is produced on the number-one planning and estimation software, MeasureSquare, which is well known across the globe for its ease of use accuracy, speed, and sophistication.

Every digital floorplan can be linked to a catalogue of flooring and wall products, this enables customers, site managers, real estate rental roll managers, and flooring stores to select their desired products. Floor and wall coverings can then be specified for each room in the property, providing quotations, work orders and pricing for fast efficient communication between the customer, store, business and contractors.

Property Link is an evolution in remote product selection tools that is fully integrated with MeasureSquare commercial and mobile residential planning and estimation software and applications.


MANAGING DIGITAL FLOORPLANS Drill down further and the user can access a digital floorplan for each home, office or commercial space under management, rented or owned by a customer. Think of this area as a management area: a user can add additional digital plans, select a plan under management and even batch quote, this is a simple function link all properties under management to a single quotation. A great example of this would be a flooring company installs flooring products for a building company, the builder has multiple-site locations which have a specified range of products a potential owner can select from, this is a way to produce a batch quotation for all site under management.

FUNCTIONALITY LIKE GOLD Selecting a plan from management interface provides access to what we consider functionality gold of this remote software solution. A flooring company, housing management

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