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Best of Two Worlds: Combining Optical Tweezers with Time-Resolved Confocal Microscopy

PicoQuant and Ionovation combined time-resolved microscopy and optical tweezers in a single system. Both instruments retain their individual functionalities but can also be used together, thus enabling customers to carry out time-resolved fluorescence

microscopy on trapped objects such as cells. PicoQuant’s MicroTime 200 platform is the most flexible and extensible high-end research tool for time-resolved fluorescence microscopy requiring single-molecule sensitivity.

Ionovation GmbH and PicoQuant Photonics North America Inc.

NIST-Traceable Color Transmission Calibration Slide for Digital Pathology Imaging

Developed with input from bright-fi eld microscopy experts, the IAM-9C-SECCAL Color Transmission Calibration Slide from APPLIED IMAGE Inc. off ers

NIST-traceable color integrity of digitally captured microscopy images. T e slide contains 24 colors in a 4 × 6 array. Each of the twenty-four 4150 μ m-diameter patches is individually calibrated. Small patches of 1000 and 150 μ m are exposed and processed at the same time to produce a good correlation of the large calibrated patches to the smaller ones.


New Allied Vision Manta Models with Second-Generation Sony IMX CMOS Sensor

Allied Vision expands its Manta camera family with two new models incorpo- rating second-generation Sony IMX CMOS sensors with Pregius global shutter pixel technology. T e Manta G-158 incorporates the IMX273 sensor, off ering a resolution of 1.58 megapixels

and a frame rate of 75.3 fps at full resolution. T e Manta G-040 is equipped with the IMX287 sensor delivering a resolution of 0.40 megapixels and a frame rate of 286 fps at full resolution.

Allied Vision Technologies GmbH

Basler ace – Now with Stacked ROI and PGI for Monochrome Cameras

PGI, combining 5 × 5 debayering, color-anti-aliasing, denoising, and improved sharpness, has already simplifi ed color applications in many areas. Now an adjusted version of this in-camera image optimization is available for monochrome cameras. T e denoising and improved sharpness features of the

PGI are perfectly adapted to the demands of monochrome cameras. A debayered pixel format is not required for these cameras. As a result, raw images can be used, and the maximum sensor speed can be used.

Basler AG

2018 May •

EDAX Launches Latest Revision of APEX™ Software for Element and Octane Elect EDS Systems

Software now is available for the Element and the Octane Elect EDS Systems. APEX,

EDAX’s APEX™ Analysis

developed to ensure high-quality results that accelerates and simplifies compositional analysis, delivers high-quality data processing along with accurate and reliable results. The APEX interface is user-friendly and can

™ ™

be customized for a specific workflow, offering a wide choice of layouts, colors, and data report formats.


New 2D Superresolution Mode for ZEISS Airyscan

T e ZEISS LSM 8 with Airyscan, with its unique 32-channel GaAsP array detector, captures more spatial information than traditional confocal microscopes. T e new 2D Superresolution mode now uses this

additional information to create an optical section of 0.2 Airy units and resolves structures down to 120 nanometers laterally in a single image. T e Airyscan is an area detector that detects all fl uores- cence emission photons. T eir information is used to deliver higher sensitivity, superresolution, and high acquisition speeds.


Multi-Axis Precision Motion Controller: 4 / 6 / 8 Channels for Air Bearing Motion Systems

Nano precision motion industry leader PI (Physik Instrumente) LP has released a new high-performance motion controller designed to handle 4, 6, or 8 axes of PIglide air bearing positioning stages

and precision automation sub-systems. Air bearings provide many advantages compared to mechanical bearings, such as no-particle generation; frictionless, vibration-free motion; highly constant velocity control; nanometer-precision repeatability; and optimal geometric performance.

PI (Physik Instrumente) LP

EnviroMax Laminar Flow Clean Workstation

EnviroMax Laminar Flow Enclosures are engineered and built to meet critical clean requirements within the laboratory. Typical applications include liquid-handling stations, compounding, high-throughput screening, sample weighing, powder handling, HPLC equipment, and other related systems. T e enclosure isolates the process while the HEPA fi lter system maintains a positive

pressure and ISO 5 class 100 conditions by protecting the process from surrounding contamination. Optional worksurfaces and support tables or cabinets are available.

HEMCO Corporation


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