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Jenoptik Establishes Application Center in Silicon Valley

T e new Jenoptik offi ce, strategically located in Fremont in the Silicon Valley region, will serve the unique engineering and product development needs of the region. Expert personnel will help customers realize their innovation goals and provide local support. T e center will also serve as a hub to connect and integrate competencies from other development centers of Jenoptik worldwide. With more than 30 facilities across the globe and eight offi ces now in the US, Jenoptik globally ranks among the industry-leading photonic companies.

JENOPTIK Optical Systems, LLC

Advancing the Next Generation of Batteries

T e Electrochemical Innovation Laboratory at University College London is using ZEISS Xradia 810 Ultra X-ray microscopy to study the inner workings of batteries and fuel cells, enabling the team of researchers to study the evolution of microstructure down to 50 nm resolution, revealing the fi ne details of lithium-ion

batteries in 3D. T e research team was able to relate large features in the package to the complex pore pathways within the electrode layers and separators.

Carl Zeiss X-ray Microscopy, Inc.

Allied Vision 1 Product Line Awarded “Top Innovation 2018” by inVision

Allied Vision’s 1 product line was awarded “Top Innovation” 2018 by inVision, the specialized German magazine for image processing, embedded vision, and 3D metrology. The fourth annual inVision awards recognize innovations in the field of image processing and optical metrology. After delibera- tions, an independent jury of experts awarded Allied Vision 1’s product line the “inVISION Top Innovation 2018” seal of approval.

Allied Vision Technologies GmbH

BioAxial Granted US Patent Covering “Black Fluorophore” Technology

BioAxial announced that it was granted a US patent covering “black fl uorophore,” a pivotal component of “dark tracking” technology. T is patent strengthens the company’s position as a technology leader in the fi eld of commercial super-resolution imaging modules. Dark tracking belongs to a new family of super-resolution technologies in microscopy that is expected to achieve tracking or imaging at only a few nanometers or even a single nanometer, with low light levels.



ZEISS Signed Strategic Partnership Agreement with Xnovo

T e ZEISS Microscopy business group announced that it signed an exclusive strategic partnership agreement with Denmark-based Xnovo Technology ApS, a company that develops innovative soſt ware-based 3D X-ray imaging and analysis solutions. T e two companies have already been working together over the past two years. T is strategic partnership is targeting to advance further and expand the laboratory-based diff raction contrast tomography technique, commercialized as LabDCT, on ZEISS Xradia 520 Versa.

ZEISS Microscopy and Xnovo Technology ApS and

Spectrolight Appoints Griot Group and Hass Technical Sales as Exclusive U.S. Representatives

Spectrolight has appointed the Griot Group as their exclusive sales representative for the western United States and Hass Technical Sales as their exclusive representative for the northeastern US. Both representatives will be responsible for sales of the entire Spectrolight product line, including the company’s unique Flexible Wavelength Selectors, broadband illumination sources, lightweight breadboards, spectrometers, fl uorimeters, and related photonic components and devices. T ey will support OEMs and laboratory end users.

Spectrolight, Inc.

Park Systems Holds Grand Opening Ceremony of the Park Nanoscience Lab at Their European Headquarters

Park Systems, a world-leading manufacturer of atomic force microscopes, celebrated the grand opening of their European Headquarters on February 6, 2018, in Mannheim, Germany. The new office will serve as a central European AFM research facility, providing technical sales and service with a fully equipped atomic force microscopy nanoscience lab on-site. The ceremony was attended by Park Systems representatives from Europe, US, and Asia.

Park Systems

Prior Scientifi c to Acquire Queensgate Instruments

Prior Scientific Instruments, Ltd. is pleased to announce that it has acquired Queensgate Instruments, a division of Elektron Technology. Queensgate, with its manufacturing based in Torquay, is a leading supplier of high-precision nanopo- sitioning systems and sensors. “Queensgate is the premier manufacturer of extremely high-accuracy positioning devices and sensors, and they fit in well with the precision products that Prior has been supplying to a variety of markets,” says CEO, Tom Freda.

Prior Scientifi c Instruments and Queensgate Instruments

doi: 10.1017/S155192951800038X • 2018 May

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