T is year we have three pre-meeting congresses taking place on the Saturday and Sunday preceding the M&M 2018 technical program. A pre-meeting congress on “Microanalytical Standards” is a one-day event, organized by the MSA Focused Interest Group on MicroAnalytical Standards, that will be a forum for discussion about the current status of available standards and reference materials, round robin analyses, and the cataloging of new standards and reference materials across a broad range of microanalytical techniques. T ese reference standards are currently used for electron probe microanalysis but could be applied to other analytical techniques, including secondary ion mass spectroscopy and inductively coupled plasma mass spectroscopy. A second pre-meeting congress will be organized by the MSA Focused Interest Group on Electron Microscopy in Liquids and Gases. T is one-day event will be a forum for discussing developments related to in situ liquid/gas microscopy, including radiation damage control, nanoparticle synthesis, electrochemistry, catalysis, and corrosion. Finally, the MSA Student Council will host the second annual “Pre-Meeting Congress for Early Career Professionals in Microscopy and Microanalysis.” T is congress is organized by and for students, postdocs, and early career professionals; however, all M&M registrants are welcome to attend. T is congress will off er a highly interactive forum for participants to share research results, network, and engage with peers ahead of the main meeting. Invited presentations and contributed talks and posters will give attendees an opportunity to discuss their work with peers in a highly interactive setting. Further professional development opportunities will include a luncheon featuring a panel of recent graduates currently working in industry, academia, and government labs.

Other events of note for M&M 2018 include memorial symposia honoring the contributions of recently deceased scientists from our microscopy community. Professor Hatsujiro Hashimoto was a pioneer in imaging crystalline solids by transmission electron microscopy (TEM). A symposium will be held in his honor covering topics refl ective of the scope of his work, including atomic-scale TEM imaging, dynamical diff raction theory, in situ high-temperature TEM, and atomic-scale spectrometry. Sterling Newberry, until his passing at the age of 101 this past January, was the last surviving founding member of MSA from 1942. A symposium in his honor will cover X-ray microscopy (including shadow imaging, the basis Newberry used for the fi rst commercial X-ray microscope), X-ray computed tomography, focused probe imaging techniques, X-ray synchrotron methods including ptychography and holography, and advances in X-ray detectors. Elizabeth Ann Ellis was a charter member of the MSA Technologists’ Forum and a widely regarded expert in biological specimen preparation. A session within the 2018 Technologists’ Forum will be dedicated to her memory and include a series of invited speakers refl ecting her many years of teaching and mentorship.

Education and training are important components of the M&M technical program each year, and 2018 is no exception.

2018 May •

A panel will be convened on the topic of “Entrepreneurship in the Microscopy Community” where several entrepreneurs will make remarks and hold a Q&A with attendees concerning instrumentation development, starting a microscopy-based business, and start-up best practices. Another panel will be held on the topic of “Procuring Government Funding for Microscopy Instrumentation and Research.” Government program managers from various funding agencies, including NIH, NSF, and DOD, will discuss various research funding opportunities available to the microscopy/microanalysis community for support of instrumentation and facilities. T is panel is organized by the MSA Focused Interest Group on Facilities and Operation Management.

Additional educational opportunities include Sunday short courses as well as in-meeting tutorial symposia and Technologists’ Forum sessions. Invited experts will serve as Sunday short-course instructors on cryo-preparation for biological samples, focused ion beam methods, image- analysis software, open-source SerialEM for data acquisition, sample preparation for high-resolution electron microscopy, imaging and compositional analysis using SEM and EDS, and multivariate statistical methods for quantitative microscopy. In-meeting tutorials are planned on scanning nanobeam diffraction using STEM, transmission Kikuchi diffraction, CryoSPARC software tool for cryo-EM image analysis, and data integrity guidelines in the pharmaceutical sciences. Finally, the Technologists’ Forum will host specialized sessions on professional development, new advances in instrumentation and training, and round table discussions of best practices and strategies for sample preparation and microscopy.

Outreach is a major enterprise at M&M conferences, where we encourage young people to pursue careers in science through microscopy activities. Formerly called Family Aff air, a special session entitled “Microscopic Explorations” lets the family and friends of conference attendees engage in fun microscopy projects. For 2018, both keynote speakers have a passion for encouraging youth engagement in microscopy, so we plan to feature Foldscopes and micrometeorites in this session. Attendees can visit the MSA Megabooth or attend the “Microscopy in the Classroom” session to discuss and share ideas regarding educational outreach activities. T e Executive Program Committee and the dozens of symposia organizers welcome you to Baltimore for what promises to be an exciting scientifi c meeting. Catch up with old friends and make new ones. Enjoy the local cuisine and be sure to try the blue crab! Plan to attend a Baltimore Orioles baseball game (Camden Yards is short walk from the conference site), or take a boat tour of the Inner Harbor and scenic Chesapeake Bay. We hope your attendance will include participation in the sponsoring societies, so please look for opportunities to attend society business meetings and socials during the week. On behalf of MSA, MAS, MSC/SMC, and the numerous volunteers that organize this event, I look forward to seeing you in Baltimore this August!


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