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● Select Member fi rms Atalian Servest AMK, Stensons, John Noble Electrical Contractors Ltd., Calder Electrical, David W H Smith Heating and Electrical Services, E Rae & Son, A E S Electrical Ltd, Macform Ltd, Robert A S Crockett & Partners Ltd, Unitech Services Ltd, Ness Electrical, 2 Core Electrics, Alistair Grant Electrical, Powertec Electrotechnical Services Ltd, Logic Systems, Electro Installations (Scotland) Ltd and GP Services (Dumfries) ● MSPs Martin Whitfi eld and Michelle T omson ● Other organisations EuropeOn, National Federation of Roofi ng Contractors and The Scaffolding Association

of Roofi ng Contractors and The Scaff olding Association have also added their names to the online Wall. EuropeOn President Gerard

Constantin said: “We agree that it is vital that only properly trained and qualifi ed people design and carry out electrical works and we fully support the campaign to ensure that anyone calling themselves an electrician in Scotland would have to hold appropriate, industry-recognised qualifi cations.” The latest signatories have been joined by Martin Whitfi eld, Labour MSP for South Scotland, and the SNP’s Michelle Thomson, who was elected as the representative for Falkirk East at the Holyrood elections in May. Ms Thomson said: “Poor quality

“We welcome its

recommendations and, if implemented, believe they could provide an essential financial lifeline that could save many businesses thousands of pounds every year. “Retention monies could be

reinvested by businesses in employing more apprentices, upskilling operatives or investing in new technology – bringing benefits to the wider industry and helping the whole

electrical work carries huge risks to people’s homes, businesses and lives, which is why I’m backing SELECT’s campaign.”

The new names join more than 70 politicians, trade unions, professional bodies and other organisations that have already indicated their support for SELECT’s campaign for regulation of the industry. Their public stance underlines their backing for legislation in Holyrood which would make it an off ence for someone to call themselves an electrician when they have no, or inadequate, qualifi cations. Alan Wilson, Managing Director of SELECT, said: “We are delighted that these SELECT Members, key organisations and Holyrood politicians

construction sector build a stronger and more sustainable future. We hope that the powers- that-be heed the advice in this report and have the courage to adopt what could be a potential game-changer for contractors.” T e SLWG was established

in January 2021 by the Minister for Business, Fair Work and

have joined our campaign by showing public support for regulation of the industry. “Our campaign has already made

a huge impact, not least in its progress through the Scottish Parliament, and it is imperative that we continue to build momentum. “To this end, we are widening access to the Wall of Support, in order that that the groundswell of opinion in favour of regulation which we know is out there is able to achieve its maximum expression.”

i Donald W Orr

Skills to consider and make recommendations on the practice of cash retentions under construction contracts. Its

fi ndings have also been warmly welcomed

by fellow Scottish trade body the Scotland and Northern Ireland Plumbing Employers’ Federation (SNIPEF) and

To enquire about adding your name to the Wall of Support, please email yvonne.wilson@

engineering services alliance Actuate UK, of which SELECT and SNIPEF are both key members. SELECT Managing Director

Alan Wilson said: “We are grateful to the group’s work and it is heartening to see progress being made via an ongoing spirit of collaboration. “Only by continuing to listen,

talk and work together will we fi nd a solution that works for us all.”


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