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lighting rig but the new 14 replacement LED light array now only fi lls about half of this, which helps to give Hearts fl exibility going forward. With the installation of the 100A distribution boards, and extra space on the fl oodlight gantry, it eff ectively future-proofs the stadium. This allows for any ‘bolt-ons’, such as if they require more illumination because of new regulations or, for example, to incorporate specialist lights and management software to host light shows like other large clubs put on.” Working closely with the SPIE FM team, Project Manager Tom Crockatt supervised the team, who were under pressure to complete the three-month project in time for the start of the 2021/22 Scottish Premier League season in late July. Once Signify had delivered the lights to the ground, the team used Hearts’ mobile elevating work platform (MEWP) to load the lights and drivers onto the top gantry of each fl oodlight stanchion for installation. Tom explained some of the challenges of the work: “Obviously, working at height meant that harnesses were required to maintain the safety of our operatives and tool lanyards were used to minimise risk, but we also had to make sure the areas around the base of each tower were barriered off to ensure the safety of Hearts staff and other contractors. “The big job was to bolt the lights –

upgrading the existing installation, new main switches, control contactors and isolators were installed. Then the complete system was tested and certifi cated.” While the team enjoyed panoramic

views across Edinburgh and the surrounding countryside, the working conditions were sometimes challenging, as Tom explained. “The weather conditions were not always favourable, but they did not delay the works,” he said. “High winds would have had an impact but thankfully we did not encounter any during the work.” Another challenge was working

which, with their drivers, weighed about 32kg – to the existing headframe with M20 marine-grade bolts and nuts following the manufacturer’s installation guidelines, and also install the distribution boards on each of the stanchions, which were supported on Unistrut channel bolted to the structure.” Electrical Supervisor David McCann described the cabling work involved. He said: “We also had to run armoured cabling to and from the distribution boards to junction boxes located beside the lamp drivers, where cable type changed to rubber for fi nal connection to drivers and fl ood lights. “The existing infrastructure cabling

was used from the main switch room to the incoming supply cubicle on each stanchion tower, and, as part of

together with the Hearts stadium team while observing COVID-19 regulations. Tom said: “COVID has had to be part of our working regime for some time now and our operatives are very mindful when working in client’s properties and alongside other contractors. The benefi t to this project was that 90% of it was outside, so it was easier to deal with in terms of social distancing.” The team fi nished the installation work on Friday 18 June and Signify returned on-site on 30 June to set up the precision aiming points across the pitch, with SPIE UK engineers assisting with the adjusting and fi nal settings of the fl oodlight angles.

Looking back on the project, Gary is pleased with the way it has gone. He said: “The big challenge for the team was taking the old halogen lights down because you’ve got 56 fi ttings per stanchion – that’s 224 lamps that have to be removed and replaced with 56 new ones and also fi tting new distribution boards into the centre of the stanchions on the gantry. However, it went fairly seamlessly, and our team received positive feedback from the client.” Tom added: “It was a pleasure to be

involved in this rewarding project and be a part of the successful outcome, which will provide the client with ongoing cost and energy savings to help reduce the club’s carbon emissions. As a company, we have had a long-standing relationship with Hearts and wish them every success for the future.”

David and Tom at work on the lights

Images: Mike Wilkinson and Richard Campbell Commercial Photographers Network


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