UNILIN Panels brings a natural way of working

Giving a broad playing field to fuel creativity, MOODS is a series of collaborative projects between UNILIN Panels and design studios. In the third of the series, Ghent-based Studio Woot Woot, delivers NATURAL WAY OF WORKING, a palette that lets everyone feel good, in even the largest of companies. Bringing this calm and natural zen into an office space comes in a refined and well-balanced palette with a few main colours in different shades. For example, UNILIN Panels has a wide range of wood designs – perfect for desks and wall coverings or finishing off the office kitchenette – and combining these with different tones of green is an ideal starting point. UNILIN Evola provides these natural finishes and colours in a range of HPL and melamine- faced panels with matching edging strips. Durable and easy to maintain, UNILIN Evola and can be used to bring a natural way of working to walls, doors, desktops, countertops, cupboards, panels and much more. You can see the full NATURAL WAY OF WORKING palette for real at the UNILIN Panels London showroom, The Gallery Clerkenwell. Same day samples are also available within central London. Parkside introduces 100% natural, zero waste wall tile

Made from 100% natural materials using a patented, low-energy production process, Criaterra tiles are the latest decorative wall tiles to join the Parkside portfolio. Made from stone powders, clays and plant fibres cast in three-dimensional patterns that fuse geometric and organic forms, and available in colours derived from natural pigments, Criaterra is a unique decorative wall tile that challenges the conventions of production and design. 100% biodegradable, as strong as concrete and with six times the thermal resistance, Criaterra takes a bold step towards product circularity. Offering a 90% energy saving in production against ceramics and using up to 70% upcycled quarry waste material, the tiles use Advanced Earth Technology, the result of an intensive five-year scientific R&D project. This innovative technology re-engineers the way tiles are manufactured and introduces a fully regenerative product, as well as replacing conventional high temperature firing with a low temperature process that reduces greenhouse gas emissions. Suitable for internal decorative wall use only and designed to work best without grout, Criaterra is a natural alternative to mass produced ceramic tiles.

0116 276 2532 Carpet Tiles shaped by the landscapes of Flanders

Shaped by the diverse landscapes of Flanders, Heritage is the latest carpet tile from modulyss, a collection deeply rooted in the company’s Belgian roots. From the ever-changing coastline of the west to the iconic cobblestones that have marked cycling’s great champions and the fertile polders found inland, Heritage celebrates the landscape of Flanders in five coordinating carpet tile designs now available from modulyss. Cobbles, Haze, Dune, Meadow and Polder have been designed by Ruben De Reu, design and product development manager at modulyss. “I was intrigued by the concept of heritage and how it shapes a country’s identity through the passage of generations”, he explains. “For me, it is about a need to go back to our roots and reminisce in familiar and comforting memories. I drew upon the thriving history of the Flemish textile industry, Belgian artists I admire and the landscapes of my youth. Heritage weaves together past and present, reflecting the shapes, textures and colours of Flemish landscapes.” Made in the country that has inspired it, Heritage is a striking carpet tile collection now available from modulyss.

0800 096 2702 Office Luxury with Havwoods: Introducing Aldgate House

Aldgate House, a high-profile office building in the capital, required an aesthetic wood floor and cladding solution to enhance its ground floor lobby. Part of a wider renovation, the design brief for this luxurious project was to revitalise the entrance space and to create an inclusive yet inviting environment for office workers and guests to match its vibrant city surroundings. Havwoods End Grain from the Henley collection was specified for this project, an extremely durable choice, the engineered planks benefit from inherent natural texture and distinctive ring details which only add to the board’s unique charm. An ideal choice for a bustling lobby, the luxurious pre-finished planks can easily withstand heavy footfall, whilst creating a seamless flow across interiors. Paired alongside terracotta tiles, pops of green and terrazzo effect surfaces, the combination of multiple earthy shades results in an interior scheme that exudes warmth, with the stunning visual appeal of the End Grain boards taking centre stage. In addition to the floor, these stunning boards have also been used on the wall behind the reception desks, this creates an impactful feature and helps to zone the space.

Photography: Philip Durrant 01524 737000



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