Waterloo Air Products at the University of Birmingham School of Engineering

Waterloo answered the challenge of heating and cooling the impressive double-height atrium at the University of Birmingham’s new £46.5m School of Engineering building by installing Thermally Actuated Swirl Diffusers (SDACH) at high level (up to 20m). These variable swirl diffusers automatically sense the temperature of the air supply and adjust the blade angle accordingly without the need for a power supply. Optimum comfort conditions were achieved for all the office, study and workshop areas by using Fixed Blade Swirl Diffusers (SDFC). These aerodynamic ceiling or duct-mounted diffusers were suited to the high heating and cooling differentials of the building’s range of occupied spaces. Used throughout the project in both ceiling and sidewall applications were Louvre Faced Diffusers (DF41), Eggcrate Grilles (GC5) and Airline Linear Grilles (ALG) which are available in the wide range of special options and finishes that made them so well-suited. Matt Mayo, NG Bailey’s Mechanical Project Engineer for the School of Engineering, said: “We approached Waterloo for this project because we knew they would be able to supply high quality, high performance products.”

01622 711500 Transform HiB’s Tranquil compact bathroom range with new choice of handles

Leading bathroom supplier HiB Novum has extended the popular Tranquil range to offer a new range of chamfer handles. Available in chrome, black and brushed brass finishes, the chamfer handles are available as an optional alternative to the standard chrome handle included in the furniture range. Offering more flexibility and style options, the new chamfer handles complement Tranquil’s white and anthracite compact bathroom furniture and Link unit finishes, creating a fresh aesthetic. Ash Chilver, Sales Director at HiB says: “The new chamfer handles give designers more choice to transform the bathroom space and create a look with a touch of personality. The Tranquil range already offers an opportunity for customisation, thanks to the Link open storage solution which expands the combinations of the Tranquil unit to over 30 possible configurations. We wanted to extend this personalisation with a choice of handles and brassware finishes. The new chamfer handles really enhance the look of the range as well as being functional.”

020 8441 0352 Kingspan provides tapered roof solution

Situated at the heart of the prestigious North Cambridge Research and Design Cluster, the Maurice Wilkes Building offers five floors of Grade ‘A’ office space topped with Kingspan Thermataper TT47. The tapered insulation system, which combines

rigid flat packer boards, tapered boards and pre-mitred hip and valley boards. With thermal conductivities as low as 0.24 W/mK, it provided an efficient, lightweight solution for the roof of the Maurice Wilkes building which eliminated the need for a structural fall on the roof.

01544 387 384 AET’s sustainable answer

Many commercial office buildings are designed with ceiling-based air conditioning systems but are they truly sustainable? For changing occupiers, moving pre-fitted systems, and adding additional duct work is often required, resulting in an expendable amount of waste.

AET Flexible Space’s system offers the answer to this problem – by using the floor void as a plenum, when the new tenants take ownership, they can reconfigure the existing equipment easily and effectively. For more information please visit blog-the-sustainable-answer-by-matthew-edney

01342 310400 Waterloo strengthen product offering with new displacement range

Waterloo have strengthened their product offering by replacing their displacement range with the full portfolio of Swegon displacement products. By integrating a range of airborne products from the Swegon group, the supplier of air terminal devices can deliver the widest range of room unit products in the UK market. The new range of displacement terminals are made to effectively discharge air at low velocity to ensure good comfort in rooms. In large spaces such as airports, theatres, factory floors, open offices, and supermarkets where a traditional mixed system can fall short; using a displacement system can have significant advantages on indoor air quality and efficiency. Rooms with high ceilings can benefit from substantial energy savings by installing the displacement terminals with Varizon®

, as only the occupied zone needs to be cooled from the low level of displacement installation.

By integrating selected airborne products from the Swegon group, Waterloo is now in the position to offer the strongest and widest range of room unit products on the UK market.

01622 711500



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