Advanced’s MxPro 5 selected for £485M hospital redevelopment project

Redevelopment programme at the Royal Sussex County Hospital. 36 4-loop MxPro 5 fire panels, 46 repeater


panels and two custom-built AdSpecials panels from UK-manufacturer, Advanced, are to be installed at Brighton’s 3Ts hospital redevelopment as part of phase one of the programme.

fault-tolerant network of fire alarm control panels from Advanced has been selected to protect the 3Ts

Taking a lead role in the cabling, first and

second fix for the fire system throughout phase one of the project are EA-RS Fire Engineering Ltd. The Essex-based firm will install Advanced’s industry-leading MxPro 5 fire panels alongside bespoke sprinkler indication and ventilation override panels, all linked to approximately 5,000 Hochiki devices. Chris Goddard, project manager at

EA-RS Fire Engineering Ltd, said: “The 3Ts redevelopment project represents a massive healthcare investment for Brighton & Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust. Configuring protection across a site of this size can often appear daunting, however the MxPro 5’s ease of installation and scalability will help to make the challenge of implementing protection effortless.” Amanda Hope, UK business development manager at Advanced, said: “We’re proud to be supplying our partners, EA-RS Fire Engineering Ltd, with the equipment

required to ensure that the valued healthcare staff, patients and these state-of-the-art facilities will be protected by a cutting-edge fire system for years to come.” Advanced is a world leader in the

development and manufacture of intelligent fire systems. Its reputation for performance, quality and ease of use see its products specified in locations around the world, from single-panel installations to large, multi-site networks. Advanced’s products include complete fire detection systems, multiprotocol fire panels, extinguishing control, fire paging, false alarm management and reduction systems as well as emergency lighting.

0345 894 7000 Gilberts demonstrates the role of good ventilation in mental health

Balancing the creation of a positive environment for health & wellbeing with the needs of a medium secure mental health unit has been achieved simply yet safely and effectively. Rowan View, Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust’s new £53m secure mental health & learning disability hospital, has been delivered on time despite the two-year building project happening during the pandemic. A key element of the internal environment – the ventilation – has been provided via Gilberts’ GPP4 perforated face supply, extract and transfer ventilation grilles. The Home Office-specification air supply and extract grilles ensure the right amount of fresh air, in the right places, for occupant needs throughout the state-of-the-art 123 bed facility in Maghull. The enhanced design of Gilberts’ GPP – a 2 mm stainless steel fascia perforated with 2 mm dia holes at 4 mm centres on a triangular pitch – is compulsory where police specifications apply, and is compliant with the requirements of Department of Health Building Note 03-01. Gilberts is open for business, and has just commissioned new, state-of-the-art CNC production machinery, and expanded various production facilities to further enhance its customer offering in quality, value and service.

01253 766911 Luceco help Trafford General Hospital with further energy savings

Following the success of considerable energy savings as a result of recent lighting refurbishments utilising wireless lighting controls, Luceco was pleased to supply luminaires for further wards within Trafford General Hospital in Greater Manchester. Luceco Wireless Lighting Controls were specified by SI Sealy in association with the Estates and Facilities Department. The design was put forward for an architectural award due to the innovative use of the lighting controls overseeing lighting levels throughout the day and night. With the ward’s inhabitants primarily elderly and suffering dementia, the lit environment was programmed to reduce to low levels, but with luminaires never powering down completely. This ensured patients did not become disorientated, their welfare was of paramount importance to the lighting design. Over 250 Wireless Lighting Controlled luminaires were installed in TGH Ward 17/18 including LuxPanels, recessed and suspended Contour, Platinum and Element downlighters. Seamless runs of energy saving cost effective LED lighting can be created with Contour with the added benefit of 100,000 hours maintenance free operational life.

01952 238 100



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