IVC Commercial overcomes the challenge at London offices

provided the solution in LayRed 55 engineered vinyl flooring. The Upper Street, London offices of real


estate investment firm, Cain International have been redesigned by award-winning design and build firm Modus Workspace, using IVC Commercial’s LayRed 55 engineered acoustic vinyl flooring. Delivering a workplace that has a home-like feel and captured a ‘modern heritage’ look, Modus Workspace opted for the durability and maintenance of vinyl flooring for the first, second and third floors of the office. Ali Mackechnie, project designer,

Modus Workspace commented: “We wanted to create a residential feel to the offices and so took inspiration from the classic style of wooden floors. We wanted a vinyl plank that could withstand high traffic in Cain international’s busy offices.”

hen the poor subfloor condition of a London office building presented a challenge, IVC Commercial

On removal of the old floorcovering

during the build, the subfloor revealed its poor condition and so contractor, Medifloor, was tasked with finding the solution. It took the usual remedial actions of repair and re-screed, but also recommended the use of IVC Commercial’s LayRed 55 engineered vinyl flooring. Featuring a rigid core and built-in underlay to combat uneven subfloors, LayRed 55

is IVC Commercial’s fast and easy to install Luxury Vinyl Tile solution. Durable, easy to maintain, quiet and comfortable underfoot, it is ideal for overcoming installation problems while delivering a high- performance floor. Jim Gordon, Medifloor, explains: “The subfloor was problematic and very uneven. We repaired and re-screeded as is normal practice, but also recommended LayRed 55 as a way of ensuring that any remaining unevenness didn’t impact on the final finish, as vinyl plank floors are particularly sensitive to subfloor condition. The click fit also helped us to minimise installation time.” Available in true-to-life wood and stone

looks, including the classic grain of Blackjack Oak chosen by Modus Workspace, LayRed 55 is made from 30% recycled content in Belgium using renewable energy.

New product from Quantum Flooring Solutions: EcoGlo Stair Nosings

EcoGlo is Quantum’s innovative solution to stair safety. It is a unique photoluminescent tread material which can be used with most Quantum stair nosings. EcoGlo illuminates step edges in reduced light, aiding safety in cases of emergency. It is also extremely useful for low-light venues, such as cinemas or theatres, and is available in a range of colours and styles. EcoGlo is recharged through exposure to either artificial or natural light, so it is a great option for both internal and external use. It is also UV resistant, so the photoluminescent tread will not fade or dull over time. Just 30 minutes of charge results in over seven hours of visibility, providing excellent step edge contrast. EcoGlo is also highly slip resistant. The photoluminescent strip is combined with a silicon carbide band, ensuring that the stair nosings are safe and durable. These attributes make EcoGlo the perfect installation for emergency situations. Post-Grenfell Tower, there has been a realisation that emergency lighting can and does fail, just when it is needed. EcoGlo can guide people to the exits even when power is down, in as safe a way as possible. It is effective in all light conditions and helps to reduce slips, trips and falls, complying with all health and safety requirements.

0161 627 4222 New robe hook collection

Leading hinge manufacturer SIMONSWERK UK are pleased to announce the launch of the new Robe collection. The brand-new range will suite any decor from traditional to modern. Made from solid brass and finished to the highest standards. The stylish designs are available in a wide range of finishes including PVD which has achieved 1,000 hours corrosion resistance tests to BSEN 1670 and can stand up to the most aggressive conditions, has a high temperature resilience, good impact strength and excellent abrasion resistance.

SIMONSWERK are Europe’s leading Hinge Manufacturer with a history spanning more than 130 years in the manufacture of brass, aluminium and stainless-steel hinges for doors and windows. The range includes the renowned fully concealed TECTUS hinge range and the popular TRITECH solid brass hinge with concealed bearings.

0121 522 2848



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