that has been designed specifically for use with fire doors. There are many doors on the market

that use timber filled PVC frames that may have passed EN 1634, but they have not been specifically designed for fire protection. Fire resistant composite frames are manufactured consistently to maintain uniformity and the quality of the final product.

MAINTENANCE CERTIFICATION Choosing the correct fire door and certified installer is only successful if the fire door is maintained correctly throughout its life. Fire doors require periodic maintenance to ensure that they continue to offer the life-saving capabilities promised by the manufacturer. While it’s important that the person

carrying out the maintenance is part of the Q Mark certified team, low maintenance composite fire doors offer the potential to reduce repair and replacement costs with minimal disruption to the occupants.

THE DOOR SLAB Some composite fire doors feature an Agrifiber core door slab, an environmentally friendly ‘green building product’ made from straw and wood fibres that are bonded and sealed using MDI (Isocyanate resin). The use of Agrifiber in construction

can also deliver Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) credits for sustainable construction methods, as well as providing a strong, stable and fire resistant core.

THE FRAME Choose a fully finished composite frame

Driving security forward with the complete package


f you were selecting a car for security reasons, would you be looking for one that just had four wheels, an engine and a door you could lock?

No, of course not! You would rightly be interested in its overall performance, verified roadworthy tests, the quality of its components, not to mention other safety features and naturally its appearance and stylish kerb appeal. Selecting the right Secured By Design (SBD)

Doorkit is not dissimilar. It’s not simply a case of meeting the minimum requirement, with a piece of paper that says SBD Tested, anything will do! After all there is so much more to consider in the modern build environment, from fire rating to life cycle expectations and installation to design flexibility. Portaro SBD Interior timber Entrance Doorkits from Vicaima provides just that scope, with ease of assembly, quality materials, outstand- ing performance and design appeal as standard, all encased in one of the most comprehensively certificated products on the market. Of course, one of the first considerations for

any project or development is how will it look and will it fit in with the project design theme. Here the Portaro SBD system provides a rarity in today’s somewhat limited market. With matching door, frame and architrave in a myriad of veneered, foil,


laminate, paint lacquered and even special finishes, the Portaro system offers complete design freedom, so that performance does not equate to compromising aesthetics. Beyond the finish itself, design configuration

also offers flexibility, with a choice of either a conventional architrave or for a seamless face the Inverse system, where door sits flush with its surroundings. All door systems incorporate a 3- Point locking system, handle and security escutcheon, together with an automatic dropseal. Returning to our choice of car for a moment, another prerequisite in any purchasing decision, would be to lift the bonnet for a peak at the engine. Obviously a little harder to do with doorkits, however it should be remembered that the important performance of any security door assembly is often not visible to the naked eye. Here again no ‘cutting corners’ or ‘good enough’ criteria are employed when manufacturing a Portaro SBD Doorkit. The doors themselves are constructed with heavy duty and high-density cores, surrounded by double timber rails on all sides, complete with hardwood lippings. Furthermore, the frames are made from hardwood and come pre-fitted with fire, smoke and acoustic seals.

From the installers perspective, the Portaro

SBD System really is the complete package. Supplied as doorkits for ease of fitting on site, the carefully and separately wrapped doors come pre-machined with all primary components, alongside the boxed and matching frame / archi- trave sections with simply connecting parts and screws. All designed for easy and rapid assembly. There are so many reasons why Portaro SBD

Doorkits offer the ideal entrance security solution, of which these are just a few: •Certified Secured by Design with dual scope Fire and Security certification

•Sound reduction performance with Acoustic AC35 and AC36 options

•Completely matching door and frame surround •Ease and speed of assembly on site •Quality components and construction •FD30 to FD60 Fire Rating •SBD Inverse Model

01793 532333

FIRE DOOR IDENTIFICATION As part of the Q-Mark manufacturer scheme, all fire doors leaving the factory are fitted with a physical plug fixed into the door to classify the period of fire integrity, the type of door, and a unique company number to identify the manufac- turer. This will help to ensure that any maintenance or replacement can be done in line with the manufacturer’s guidelines.

ENSURING QUALITY Choose a fire door manufacturer that is part of the Q Mark scheme. Doing this ensures consistent quality throughout the manufacturing process, and instills confidence that the product will perform to the test standards.

Scott Francis is technical manager at Bowater Doors

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