INTERIORS 57 Fibo expands its new Urban Collection

Leading waterproof wall panel manufacturer, Fibo, has added two new designs to its Urban Collection. Reflecting the latest interior trends, the Herringbone and Hexagonal designs join the popular Metro Brick, which was launched last year. The versatile collection now offers greater possi- bilities for creating contemporary bathrooms

Earthborn's Classic range of 72 shades Why use a breathable paint?

Using paint with a high level of breathability, with breathable building materials, avoids moisture being ‘trapped’ beneath the surface of the paint. Trapped moisture can lead to damp walls, causing the paint to bubble, peel and eventually blow completely. It can also contribute to a harmful living environment. Earthborn Claypaint is a highly breathable paint, perfect for walls and ceilings where breathability is key. It’s thick and creamy with a high clay content, offering excellent coverage, no nasty paint smells and a number of eco properties. There are two methods used to objectively measure breathability – the SD value and the MVTR value. Using either method, Claypaint is proven to have extremely high levels of breathability. Ease of use, high covering power and lack of harmful emissions make Claypaint an ideal option to optimise breathability for any building. Earthborn's new colour card showing all 72 colours in the classic range is now available and 100 per cent recyclable, including the adhesive and the paint chips that use real Claypaint.

01928 734 171

and kitchens, without compromising on ease of installation, maintenance and performance. Inspired by the patterns and architectural features found within cities, Fibo’s Urban Collection consists of designs that are softer than traditional industrial styles, yet still embrace the urban aesthetic.

01494 771242 Top three causes of flooring failure

Manufacturer of high-performance floor prepara- tion products, Setcrete has revealed the top three reasons for flooring installation failures when using floor levelling compounds and adhesives to install textile, resilient or wooden floorcoverings. The number one cause of floor failure is the

presence of damp, compounded by the absence of remedial action before installing the floorcovering. The other two main causes of floor failure are the absence of priming, either before installing a levelling compound or applying adhesive to a subfloor, and the incorrect selection of levelling compounds. Contact Setcrete who can advise on any flooring situation and the key steps and products needed to deliver a perfect flooring solution. BAL Micromax2 anti-microbial grout provides the perfect finish

The COVID pandemic has fuelled a surge in appetite for antimicrobial products, particularly to keep kitchens, bathrooms, WCs and showers clean and fresh. Tiles provide a durable and aesthetically pleasing surface for dry, wet and hygiene areas. These areas can be prone to humid conditions together with soaps and food residues, which can harbour bacteria, mould and mildew and therefore regular cleaning is required – often a quick and easy process where surfaces are tiled. To ensure even greater levels of hygiene, BAL have developed both grout and sealant products with a world-leading, anti-microbial solution provider Microban®. These products ensure long-lasting protection against black mould and potentially harmful microbes and bacteria for all tile finishes.

Because the Microban technology is in-built within BAL formulation’s, Microban protection provides continuous antibacterial and antifungal protection that lasts the lifetime of the products, helping to create a cleaner, fresher and more efficient building application. Microban can be found in a number of BAL products including the leading BAL Micromax2 grout range and colour co-ordinated BAL Micromax Sealants.

01782 591100 Marmox Tilebacker board used for five bathroom fit-out

‘The Tilebacker’ board manufactured by Marmox Limited, has been chosen by a specialist sub-contractor working on a very large residential property in Maidstone, to help create a total of five bathrooms and en-suite shower rooms. J. Jupp Tiling works across Kent and into the capital, mainly on domestic contracts, and has been a long time user of Marmox products including the manufacturer’s widely specified Multiboards. With some 130m2

of wall area to

address and 22mm thick structural ply already fixed in place as the substrate, it made practical and economic sense to switch to the new value-for-money alternative. Director Josh Jupp comments: “I have been using Marmox products including Multiboard, along with the tapes and fixings, for a good while and always found them very dependable for the high-end residential projects we are involved on. I like the new Tilebacker which is relatively lighter and even simpler to cut than the Multiboard and it seemed perfect for the house in Maidstone where we are working for a private developer. The Tilebacker boards will soon be covered with 1200 x 1200 x 6mm Italian tiles, which will create really striking interiors. This has been a successful first try out with the new boards and I am planning to use them again for our next job which features more than 300m2

of tiling, including three very large bathrooms.” 01634 835290 WWW.HBDONLINE.CO.UK

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