40 APPOINTMENTS & NEWS; PROJECT REPORT: SOCIAL HOUSING; BUILDING FABRIC Latest of 25 new recruits in 2021 Pictured (L-R): Chris Hughes and Sol Raza

Designer Contracts has announced two further area manager appointments, bringing the total number of new recruits to join the business since January, to 25. Chris Hughes joins as the new area manager for the company’s Thames Valley

region while Sol Raza has been appointed as area manager for Kent. Said Designer Contracts md Peter Kelsey: “Despite the global pandemic, our business has continued to thrive – indeed since February our year-on-year sales have been increasing – reflecting the robust state of the construction sector. As a result, we have continued to invest in our workforce with a total of 25 new people recruited into the business this year.”

01246 854577 Garador wireless optical sensor for GaraGlide

Garador’s new electrically operated roller garage door, the GaraGlide, is now available with a wireless optical sensor as an option. This sensor is built into the floor seal and utilises light beam technology, so the door will automatically stop if the beam is broken by any obstruction. The new wireless optical sensor means there is no spiral cable required to connect the

safety edge to the separate control panel housing; batteries are required. Available with standard (433 MHz) or Bisecur (868 MHz) hand transmitters.

01935 443700 Marley strengthens roof system offer through acquisition of Viridian Solar

Roof systems manufacturer, Marley is enhancing its roofing portfolio with the acquisition of Viridian Solar Ltd, the UK’s leading supplier of roof integrated solar panels. With demand for sustainable energy solutions on the increase, this strategic acquisition ensures Marley can provide a single-source supply for a fully integrated solar roof system. Solar panels have formed an ever-expanding feature of the UK roofscape and, more recently, this has shifted to integrated solutions that offer better aesthetics, durability and ease of installation. Recent announcements on forthcoming Building Regulation changes open up these opportunities even further, with the prospect for roofs to become a mainstream element of the renewable energy economy. Viridian Solar was established in 2003 and has gone on to build a strong reputation as an innovative manufacturer of high-quality, integrated roof solar solutions. Viridian Solar’s Clearline Fusion PV technology is behind Marley SolarTile®, a roof-integrated solar panel solution launched in 2020. Marley SolarTile® works seamlessly with existing roof structures to directly replace roof tile sections and is a quick and simple way to provide a greener and cost-effective energy source. Paul Reed, Chief Operating Officer for Marley, comments: “This is an exciting acquisition for Marley”.

01283 722588 Crittall meet exacting steel window replication specification

Originally built as a factory, Springfield House, now provides spacious accommodation in the form of some 90 apartments. A complete refurbishment of the building has been completed with Crittall steel windows helping to reinforce its character appeal. Locally listed, the seven-storey brick building had been built, in 1902, with Crittall fenestration. Hackney Council planners insisted that like-for-like window profiles must be used for the refurbish- ment and that the external putty on the windows should be replicated. Crittall Corporate W20 windows & doors were installed, powder coated black, featuring a mix of opening styles and configurations. Steel spandrel panels were also included to conceal floor slab and ceiling spaces, Crittall Windows Project Manager Peter Cutts explains how the local authority’s putty ‘requirement’ was achieved. He says: “We used a high-performance low modulus silicone sealant, colour matched to the frames, that retains the glass and replicates the original appearance. It is a bespoke method that we often use to meet planning requirements, and it does look really smart.” The entire refurbishment project was undertaken with residents in-situ with Crittall’s installers working closely with them to keep disruption to a minimum by ensuring the windows and doors for each flat were replaced in a single day.

01376 530800 Combat damp homes with SprayCork from Corksol

An eco friendly render and plaster solution for indoor and outdoor use, SprayCork is proven to deliver high-performance insulation and protect homes against damp and mould. Ideal for renovations and rental properties, SprayCork can be applied to internal walls where thermal bridging and cold spots are a problem, such as round windows, doors and air vents and external facing walls. Depending on the severity of the damp, SprayCork need only be applied in one or two coats for immediate, long lasting results. The flexible, porous material regulates airflow between inside and outside, allowing the building to breathe, as moisture does not sit on the walls and the envelope is made water resistant. When applied as thin as 6mm SprayCork also avoids eating into living spaces, providing increased square footage when compared to thermal plasterboard. Not only does SprayCork curb damp problems, thermal heat testing has proven the material can help reduce heat loss through walls by up to 30 per cent, a highly attractive value-added benefit to help strengthen the energy performance certificate (EPC) of the property. To find out more about Corksol, please visit the website.

01484 442420 WWW.HBDONLINE.CO.UK

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