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Monday also echoed that sentiment, saying it is dependent upon the performance that is being delivered. “I think it’s a very delicate matter. Ultimately if the

portrayal of the gay character is nuanced, honest and not a caricature, I think any straight actor should be able to portray a gay character,” he said. “That being said, I also think representation is so important and seeing out gay actors working in Hollywood matters so much. Ulti- mately, I suppose it is up to the director and their vision.” As for their vision of what they hope the takeaway will

be from those watching Date Night, both concurred that being able to entertain during the pandemic could prove to be a light in the dark, especially for those who have missed the theatre-going experience. “My hope is that it will be a cathartic and joyful experi-

ence for folks to see live theatre again after all this time in quarantine,” Monday said. “I know for me, it’ll be so refreshing and fun to perform with my partner. And I really look forward to seeing the other couples do their thing!” Dumas also hopes that this semi-return to some semblance of normalcy in getting a retooled form of entertainment is just as important for the actors, as it is for the audience. “Above everything, I hope the audience is able to

have the opportunity to enjoy theatre and the arts. That they will have a fun time getting to know each couple a bit more and how they got together,” he summarized. “During these unpredictable times, I hope they take away the yearning we want to be able to do our craft and provide some sort of joyful outlet.” All proceeds from Date Night go directly towards SDMT

future Broadway musical productions for the 2021 season.

Tim Parks has been a freelance writer for 21 years, a columnist for 16 years, and part of Team Rage since 2009. He is the award-winning author of The Scheme of Things, available on

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