Colin Firth (left) and Stanley Tucci (right)

Stanley Tucci, Harry Macqueen and crew members on the set of SUPERNOVA

The movie is beautiful, moving and reflective. It resonated with me strongly as both a gay married man in my 50s and as a full-time hospice caregiver. I mentioned this to Macqueen at the start of a recent phone interview with The Rage Monthly. He responded, “That’s so lovely, thank you. I wanted to approach (the subject) as honestly as possible. I spent a lot of time researching it and trying to get it right. A woman whose husband died last year of PCA attended the premiere in London and thanked me for capturing her experi- ence. She said it was difficult trying to get her friends to understand what she had gone through, and she could now tell them to watch Supernova. That’s why I made it, really.”


What was it like on set with Firth and Tucci? Did any difficulties or challenges arise? It was awful! They are absolute tyrants! (Macqueen laughed.) In all honesty, they are lovely guys and incredible actors. Right from the start, they fell in love with the script and they really trusted me. They were on board 100% right from the start. They also worked incredibly hard, especially Tucci. You obviously did your research while writing the film. Have you learned anything additional about dementia since its completion? I’m still involved in that world quite a lot. Here in the UK, and I

expect it’s the same in the United States, most people who have had COVID-19 now have dementia. It is scary as I expect we’ll be seeing

16 | FEBRUARY 2021

even more cases of early onset dementia from now on. Talk to me about your film’s interesting music score by Keaton Henson. Who is he? I’m glad you noticed that. This is his first film. He’s a folk musician

over here and has quite an underground following. It’s interesting because he doesn’t like to perform live. I heard a piece of his he wrote for an orchestra here in London and I was blown away by it. His music isn’t meant to be overly glossy. I think he did a great job on the film. Are you working on something new? What’s next for you? I’m trying my best to. It’s a funny time to be trying to create stuff with so many crazy things going on in the world, but I am writing a couple of new films and doing some writing for television too. I’m also an actor and will be acting in a film too, but it’s been postponed (due to the pandemic). Is there anything else you would like readers to know? (Making Supernova) has been one of the most profound and important experiences of my life. The characters and themes reflect my attempt to do these people and their stories justice in a truthful and original manner – to place a selfless, loving relationship in the context of an immediate future that hangs in the balance. From the outset, my desire was to make an empowering, powerful, challeng- ing and timely film about what we are willing to do for the people that we love. In this regard, Macqueen definitely succeeds. Supernova is one of the best films of the last year.

Chris Carpenter has been writing about entertainment since 1996 and a member of Team Rage since 2012. He is a founding member and vice president emeritus of GALECA: The Society of LGBTQ Entertainment Critics.

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