Mannequin, but as the boundary-pushing PR boss with the insatiable sexual appetite. Is this why they have taken Sex out of the title? No word on how her onscreen absence will be explained, although there have been rumors that the role may be recast with Sharon Stone. Angela Bassett, 62, won our hearts over as Tina Turner in What’s

Love Got to Do with It and that helped keep her career blazing as the Mercedes-burning Bernadine Harris in Waiting to Exhale. Shoop, indeed. Since then, she has appeared on TV shows like American Horror Story and 9-1-1; and in movies that run the gamut from Marvel Comic efforts such as Black Panther and the Mission Impossible franchise – including the seventh installment, which she is currently filming. Even though her character was referred to as being “terrible” in Muriel’s Wedding, star Toni Collette has been nothing short of wonderful in any number of projects. This is clearly illustrated in her Oscar-nominated turn in The Sixth Sense and Emmy-winning role as a housewife with multiple personalities on United States of Tara. As of late, the 48-year-old has added the horror movies Krampus and Hereditary to he résumé and has two new movies, Nightmare Alley and Stowaway, in the pipeline, as well as the TV series Pieces of Her. To say that I effing love Michelle Pfeiffer would be an under-

statement. The 62-year-old will always be my favorite version of Catwoman, and I was sad when there was a stretch of time when she didn’t appear onscreen. Luckily, that isn’t the case currently and she is next slated to appear in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quan- tumania, Turn of Mind and will star as Betty Ford in Showtime’s upcoming anthology series The First Lady, which will co-star Viola Davis as Michelle Obama. And on the subject of the 55-year-old Davis, she and Octavia

Spencer proved to be onscreen gold with their performances in The Help. Since then, both have continued to enjoy successful careers. Davis has quite the busy schedule with four movies, including The Suicide Squad and an untitled Harriet Tubman film,

in which she’ll portray the American abolitionist. Spencer will team up with Melissa McCarthy in the Netflix superhero movie Thunder Force and will be taking on an invasion of the alien kind. Speaking of Xenomorphs, Sigourney Weaver, 71, has built a

career on kicking their asses as Ripley in the Alien series. Next up are film roles in which she reprises characters from her expansive film résumé, including Dana Barrett in Ghostbusters: Afterlife and in four Avatar sequels; no word if she will be involved in the recently announced FX Alien TV series. Catherine O’Hara, 66, certainly had a career boost as Moira

Rose on Schitt’s Creek, even snagging an Emmy for her role. Plus, she gave viewers many ways to increase their vernacular, handing out vocab words to viewers like a Turkish Saint Nicholas – best to read in your best Moira voice. She will next be using her enuncia- tion skills in two animated efforts, Extinct and The Beast, Heroes of the Wildfire. I first fell head over wimple with Sally Field as Sister Bertrille

on The Flying Nun and it hasn’t wavered as she continued to soar, snagging two Oscars, and endearing herself even more to gay audiences with Steel Magnolias. In recent years, the 74-year-old has vacillated between movies and TV shows like Brothers & Sisters and AMC’s Dispatches from Elsewhere. Meryl Streep, 71, is considered the greatest living actress and she has snatched three Oscars and the crown for a record-breaking 21 Academy Award nominations. Next up for La Streep is the politi- cal satire comedy, Don’t Look Up, in which the Earth is threatened by a giant meteor. She stars as the President alongside Leonardo Di Caprio and Jennifer Lawrence. Given how 2020 played out, the plotline doesn’t sound too farfetched. If there is a grand dame of bucking the aging constraints in

Hollywood, it’s got to be Betty White. The 99-year-old holds the distinction for working on television longer than anyone else, given that it spans 72 years. There are currently no new projects listed for her. Give her a break! She deserves a rest for all the entertainment she has provided for eight decades.

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