T Acting Out

here has been a real explosion of roles for out Trans actresses, with Laverne Cox leading that charge with her breakout role on Orange is the New Black. And she’s showing no signs of slowing down!

Next up is a co-starring role on Netflix’s miniseries drama

Inventing Anna, which details how German heiress and Instagram influencer Anna Delvey became New York City’s toast of the town, stealing hearts and people’s money. Quelle scandale, which is French for damn gurl! Cox will also appear in the movie Jolt alongside Kate Beckinsale and Stanley Tucci in a story that deals with a murderous bouncer with serious impulse issues.

here’s no denying that Cardi B. had a huge hit in detailing her clean up on aisle 5 situation with “WAP” last year. But the quicker picker upper for me was the featured per- former on the track, rapper Megan Thee Stallion. How I

envy the life that she leads doing “hot girl s**t,” with a bank account to match it. And the Good News is that she released a CD with that very title a few months back and showcases that she’s here to slay on tracks like “Body” and “Savage.” On the latter, the remix version with Beyoncé is amazing. Our next two ladies, Madonna and Cher, could have easily been lumped into the women of a certain age category, but it’s my column, so I’m putting them here, k? Now, where was I? Oh yes, on diva detail. Madge, 62, is currently writing a screenplay with Oscar-winning

scribe Diablo Cody (Juno) based on her life-story screenplay, which she has been documenting on Instagram. And speaking of that platform, she caught flak for a video she posted that was filmed in her luxurious bathtub, complete with rose petals, stating that COVID-19 is “the great equalizer.” Tell that to my couch and sweatpants! The one area that chaps my hide is her being taken to task for altering her appearance, I say you do you boo, just don’t go full Joyce Wildenstein on us! At 74, the beat goes on for Cher, as she continues to navigate the waters between making music and acting. The eponymous diva

The ladies of Pose have certainly resonated with audiences, especially when Dominique Jackson’s Elektra Abundance read a snooty woman to filth last season. While we wait patiently – well impatiently for me, which I’ve termed as being Timpatient – for Season 3 of Pose, you can catch all 6-foot-1 of Jackson on the third season of Starz’s American Gods as Ms. World. MJ Rodriguez first cut her acting teeth in one-off roles on Nurse

Jackie and Luke Cage before she was cast as Blanca Rodriguez, presently this is the only production she is involved in. Her co-star Indya Moore, who plays Angel on the FX hit, will hit the big screen in the thriller Escape Room 2.

Hitting Al the Right Notes T

most recently went all ABBA on us, starring in Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again and with the Swedish quartet tribute album Dancing Queen. Here’s the good news/bad news on the musical front: She is reportedly hard at work on her 27th

studio album – yay. However,

she has stated that it could be her last – boo. But as we all know, her Farewell Tour wasn’t the last time she performed in concert. As far as acting goes, she is slated to star in Artist in Residence playing an eccentric woman who is trying to be bought out of her iconic New York building. Another singer/thespian, Lady Gaga, dropped a much-needed

care package in the form of the album Chromatica during the pandemic. Her next acting gig is in Ridley Scott’s Gucci, portraying Patrizia Reggiani, the ex-wife of Maurizio Gucci, who was charged in a murder-for-hire plot of the grandson of the famed fashion designer. She also sang the national anthem for President Joe Biden’s inauguration, looking like she was performing at 12, but had to oversee The Hunger Games at 12:30. Another entertainer who performed at Biden’s swearing in was

Jennifer Lopez, 51. The triple threat has one film in the can, Marry Me, which could be a biopic, just sayin’, and The Godmother and Shotgun Wedding in the pre-production phase. She also made waves by posing nude for the cover of her single “In the Morning” and her body is bangin’ – I’ll have what she’s having!

And there you have it, my version of a Valentine’s Day card to these women who have embodied strength and fierceness, combined with well-rounded portraits of the feminine mystique with the precision of the artists they are.

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