millennial matters

by cutter slagle


even, than being forced to sit through a Will Ferrell movie completely sober. Sorry, Will, but your filmography speaks for itself.

T Further, it’s important to note that everyone has

suffered some sort of hardship since COVID-19 hit, ultimately forcing all of us to look at life a little differently. Sure, there are those who have faced more troubling times than others, but instead of ranking or comparing grievances, let’s simply agree (see what I did there?) that dark times have occurred for many in one way or another. Times have been so dark, in fact, that finding

that light at the end of the tunnel has been next to impossible. After all, 2020 may almost be over, but who really believes that everything is going to be fine once the clock strikes midnight on December 31? Unfortunately, I fear that 2020 is going to be like one of those lingering STDs, and the kind that can’t be cured with a quick trip to the clinic. That being said, despite the STD-like gift of 2020 that keeps on giving (and, let’s be honest, will likely continue giving well into 2021), it’s important to try — really try — to be optimistic. Yes, I’m highly aware that this could be a full-time job, one that pays worse than the minimum wage. Yet, the outcome could be quite rewarding. Staying hopeful and counting our blessings could allow us to persevere. This task is especially relevant now, during a month where it’s common to list things we’re thankful for.

32 November 2020

Don’t get me wrong here: I’m not the type of person who can always make lemonade out of lemons. Sometimes, life hands you shit (like I said earlier, a Will Ferrell movie) and there is no possible way to spin that shit into something better. Though, life does seem much more enjoyable and manageable if you strive to look on the bright side. Example: A couple of years ago, I brought a

rando guy back to my place from the bar and he thanked me by treating my home like a Motel 6 and pissing all over the floor. Was I angry? Of course! (Truth be told, my roommate was angrier.) But, rather than stay angry, I changed my point of view on the entire experience — i.e., I looked on the bright side: I finally had a reason to deep-clean the floors. Do I believe that every situation could always

be worse? For the most part, yes. Except when it comes to bumping into an ex and looking like hell. I mean, how do you top that? Thank goodness for the current fashion trend of masks to hide behind. (See what I did there? Again.) Yet, I also believe that encountering tough circumstances ultimately allows us to appreciate the wonderful aspects life has to offer so much more. Simply put, it’s all about balance. If life was just one extended episode of Mister Rogers’ Neigh-

borhood, would we be able to fully cherish it? Or, would we go through the day-to-day motions expecting and assuming and feeling entitled? It’s a tough pill to swallow, particularly without the assistance of an extra dry Belvedere martini, but the only way we can truly value what we have is to understand the various struggles we’ve been forced to face along the way of getting to our destination. It’s kind of like that annoying theme song says:

“You take the good; you take the bad.” It’s up to us to decide what we do with that bad. Do we accept it, perhaps even embrace it? Or, do we let it define us and go through life feeling angry, bitter and jaded? There are many things that happen to us in life

that we don’t want to happen; things that we don’t ask for. Many of these things are also out of our control. The only thing we can control is our reaction. How we choose to react and the mindset we decide to move forward with during times of distress speak volumes of who we are.

So, ask yourself: Who are you and how do you want to go through life?

Cutter Slagle is the author of suspense, horror and crime-fiction works.

hese days, it’s not always easy finding two people who readily agree on the same thing. However, it is safe to say that most of us share very similar feelings in regard to 2020. To be blunt, the past year has been a heaping pile of dog shit. Agreed? Worse,

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