It’s Not About Me: A Retrospective Greg Gorman Through the eyes of renowned photographer Greg Gorman and into

the eyes of famous stars is an art form of portraiture photography that is elevated to the highest degree in It’s Not About Me: A Retrospective. The lavish book weighs about seven pounds and is coffee-table size.

What’s inside is a remarkable banquet of photos that span decades of Gorman’s unique ability to capture these famous and talented people in grace, angst, love and emotions with each photograph presented. It’s a testament to Gorman’s talent and his long-lasting career as a gentle genius with his camera. There are more than 375 black-and-white and color portraits, and they

are suitable for framing when you find just one of many favorites. But some might not want to ruin the beauty of the book. Gorman has photographed so many famous people in his career.

Let’s drop some names, shall we? On the music end of the spectrum: David Bowie, Mick Jagger, Grace Jones, Bette Midler and Sir Elton John. John wrote the forward for the book. Gorman has also created stunning portraits of many of the finest stars in film: Kevin Costner, Bette Davis, Helen Mirren, Lauren Bacall, Dustin Hoffman, Johnny Depp, John Waters (who wrote the epilogue for this) and Divine … I can’t list them all as it’s a veritable spotlight gallery exhibition of star power. This collection hand-picked by Gorman represents 50 years of his

work. There are no captions embedded on each photo as nearly all of the photos are instantly recognizable. At the end of the book, there are eight pages that give the page number, the performer’s name, the year Gorman took the photo and even where he took the image. That’s book smart to do it this way. Truly a master of the camera, Gorman’s talent also lies in his ability to put the people he photographed at ease, letting them do what they do best in being in front of the camera; whether it is twinkling, seriousness, laughter or simple beauty. Gorman brings out the best of their creativity and his own. Gorman took the time as well in It’s Not About Me to write about his life and career trajectory as a photographer. It’s a 10-page spread with photos as he shares with the reader a journey of his thoughts and his life. Fortunately, this section is titled “It’s All About Me” and it should be. Once again, this stunning book spans the years but is timeless in itself.

November 2020 | @theragemonthly 25

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