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This new original series Dating ‘In’ Place is available to stream exclusively on the new OML on Revry channel on the Revry Network. OML on Revry is the first 24/7 live TV channel exclusively catering to queer womxn (lesbian, bi, trans female, etc.). The new series takes a female-focused comedic spin on the realities of dating

in the “new normal” of a global pandemic and social shutdown. Told through the screens and mobile devices of four young women, the show follows Jo, a hopeful romantic who finds the woman of her dreams – only to discover that her crush lives halfway across the world. Not to shrink from a challenge, Jo connects with her crush online, making plans to meet in Hawaii for their official first date . . . when 2020 hits. The original series, composed of 10 episodes and filmed from the novel perspective of the four female leads, was created by director Marina Rice Bader and Shantell Yasmine Abeydeera, who wrote the series and stars as Jo’s crush Debika. The creators believe that the show serves as a perfect time capsule for what’s currently happening in our world. “As someone who has always been both challenged and fascinated by the idea of ‘true love’,” Bader said. “I wanted to explore what it means to be on the brink of that magical experience only to have circumstances out of your control crash in and threaten to steal it away from you. Finding real love is tough enough, you know, without a global pandemic working against you.” Abeydeera agrees. “The pandemic hindered a lot more than just romance,” Abeydeera said.

“With film productions being shut down indefinitely, filmmakers not only lost their livelihoods but their purpose as storytellers. I saw this as an incredible opportunity to craft a story around the technology that was available to me in the hopes that it would allow me to continue to tell inclusive stories.” Like the fictional characters in the series, the filmmakers were confronted with

their own pandemic-related challenges. The entire production was conducted in complete observance of the “shelter in place” order; and cast members operated camera, audio and lighting under the virtual guidance of the show’s director and cinematographer, who both worked remotely over video confer- ence. However, the challenges only fostered more creativity in the filmmaking process, and the series reflects the versatility and ingenuity of its creators. The entire series is now available to stream on Revry.

28 November 2020

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