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HERSHEY FELDER: A PARIS LOVE STORY Featuring the music of Claude Debussy,

performed by Hershey Felder and based on the stage play directed by Trevor Hay, Hershey Felder: A Paris Love Story will be streamed live from Florence, Italy on Sunday, November 22. Hershey Felder: A Paris Love Story brings

to life a visionary who proclaimed nature his religion, creating music of ravishing beauty, color and compassion, from the sweeping “La Mer” to the evocative “Prélude à l’après-midi d’un faune” and the mystical “Clair de lune.” Felder has played more than 5,000

performances of his self-created solo productions at some of the world’s most prestigious theatres and has broken box office records. American Theatre Magazine has said, “Hershey Felder is in a category all his own.” or

GREATLAND Enter the surreal dystopian prophecy of 2020: Greatland, a world where boys are married to

trees, cats and dogs run for president, and the virus has become a new religion. An acid roller coaster ride into the future after COVID-19, Greatland is on a mission to debunk 2020. Filmed in Los Angeles in a futuristic vintage style, Greatland stars Academy Award nominee Eric

Roberts, Nick Moran, J.P. Manoux (Veep), former boxing champion Shannon Briggs, and horror icon Bill Oberst Jr. (The Devil’s Rejects), alongside up-and-coming young actors Arman Darbo and Chloe Ray Warmoth (Fuller House). Set in an imaginary country dubbed the birthplace of love and endless source of fun, the film

tells the tale of Ulysses, a rebellious non-binary teen on a mission to save a childhood sweetheart, as an absurd election and a deadly virus wreak chaos and violence. Greatland is quickly becoming something of an urban myth. Its COVID-inspired teasers, released

at the height of lockdown in April and May, went viral generating millions of views on YouTube and TikTok, conspiracy theories and critical reactions ranging from “totally WTF?!!!” to “batshit brilliance!” Shown at the Moscow International Film Festival, Greatland was hailed as “the most flamboyant and unusual canvass” by the festival organizers, with “brain-blown” movie critics calling it “stunning, mesmerizing with its courage and exuberant imagination” and “among the most unforgettable movies of the year.” This new dystopian fantasy by writer-director Dana Ziyasheva is now available for viewing on Amazon VOD.

30 November 2020

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