Have Faith in Your Body

“Faith is not belief without proof, but trust without reservation.” – D. Elton Trueblood


ecent events have made one thing above all else abundantly clear: even some of the smartest disease

experts in the world significantly underes- timate the human body. A basic compre- hension of biological science offers moun- tains of evidence to the human body’s dynamic capabilities in the face of myriad daunting circumstances and potential destructive agents, yet the ratio of credit given versus credit earned is skewed so far that most people assume their bodies cower to microscopic invaders like vi- ruses. In the interest of public health and healthcare in general, a reappraisal of that common myth is in order.

Look up at the sun for a moment.

Fascinating, is it not, that Earth, at roughly 93 million miles away from it, is perfectly positioned so that the sun keeps most of our planet at livable temperatures? The moon is only 250,000 miles from Earth by comparison, but it features no signs of life. Collectively, it would be fair to state that

we take for granted our place in the solar system, primarily because we cannot comprehend otherwise. Our minds are finite, but venturing outside Earth’s atmo-

sphere takes us into the realm of the infi- nite; and it is in such situations our minds must accept that there are some things we cannot control. Humans have been around

Daniel Lackey, FNP-C Daniel Lackey, FNP-C

Daniel Lackey, FNP-C is a board certified Nurse Practitioner. His background is in Emergency Medi- cine, with 5 years of experience as an ER nurse. His nurse practitioner degree includes specialties in fami- ly practice and adult gerontological acute care. Following his true pas- sion, however, he also obtained a certification in functional medi- cine. He finds it is truly rewarding and efficacious to address the root cause of illness instead of viewing the body as separate systems.

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