Are You in Need

things then you are need of a fun make- over!

W There’s an old sales adage that says

people buy emotionally but they justify their purchase with logic. That’s the op- posite of how we view fun in our life. We think the logical way to look at fun is as a luxury. Something to fit in around our "real" responsibilities like work and taking care of everyone else. This type of thinking

hat’s the most fun you've had in the last month? If you can't im- mediately come up with 4-5

gets us frazzled and flustered, and we just forget about fun. You are in luck. Here is a research

study that allows you to toss logic in the back seat and let fun drive for a while. Penn State University professor Dr.

Careen Yarnal has proven that a life with- out fun is actually unhealthy! Dr. Yarnal says,

“Our research has shown that when women get out there and play, the benefits are amazing. They cope better

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Of a Fun Makeover?

“’Have fun’ is my message. Be silly. You’re allowed to be silly. There’s nothing wrong with it.” ~ Jimmy Fallon

with stress, which sets up protective mechanisms that contribute to health and well-being. And if they play with others, it creates bonding and they get the benefit of social support, as well. Just as we know play is healthy for children, helping them blow off steam, learn, experiment, and make friends, we’re finding the same to be true for adult women. When it comes to stress prevention, play is like wearing a suit of armor.”

Furthermore, there is Japanese re-

search that shows spending as little as 2 hours a month laughing or listening to your favorite music has as big an effect on blood pressure as eliminating salty foods or even shedding 10 pounds! Have I got your attention yet? So here

are some tips on putting the joy of fun back into your life.

Get Your Groove On What causes you to lose time and get

in the flow? Is it riding a bike, reading a novel, knitting, baking, gardening, or hik- ing? Get back in the flow of those activities.

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