Mindfully & Responsibly in a World with Covid-19

Getting Outdoors

e know that getting outdoors is important for our mental, emo- tional, spiritual and physical health, and in these times of learning to live in our world with Covid-19 always on our minds, it is even more so.

W Spending time outdoors can be an

antidote to being cooped up, but how can we do that with a mindful and responsible approach, not just for our own safety and enjoyment, but also for our neighbors, our communities, and for those who are on the front lines of this pandemic? Being mindful means being present and aware of our actions, and not being overwhelmed by what’s going on around us. Being re- sponsible means not putting more pressure on an already strained system. So how do we go about heading into the outdoors in a mindful and responsible manner?

Mindfully Getting Outdoors during Covid-19, you could…..

• take your yoga/gym workout out- Christen Duke, ANP-C Christen Duke, ANP-C

Christen Duke, ANP is a board certified Adult Nurse Practitioner with over 18 years experience in adult medicine. Using a natural, holistic approach, she encourages and assists people to maximize their health through optimal nu- trition, supplementation, and bio- identical hormone replacement. She continues to expand her mas- tery of other integrative issues. Christen’s goal for her patients is for them to live healthy lives feel- ing their best.

336.768.3335 JULY 2020 15

doors. There are many gyms and instruc- tors that have adapted wonderful rou- tines to an online platform. You can support a local yoga studio, trainer, or gym by subscribing to their new offer- ings. It will help your local small busi-

ness owners and most of all, help you! Maybe you are into lifting weights?

You could take your barbells and bench and put it on your deck or patio, add your favorite tunes and enjoy working out with a soft breeze and birds and trees

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