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Left to right: Lars Frost, Marine Engineer, Forsyning Helsingør; Jens Steffen Hansen, Project Leader, Forsyning Helsingør; Marko Natunen, Director, Engineering and Project Execution, Power Boilers, ANDRITZ; Joachim Rasmussen, Marine Engineer, Forsyning Helsingør.

alarm or alert, we simply turn on the iPad and we can manage the whole plant from wherever we are situated, even outside of the plant.” The plant is now fully operational

biomass plant, it is slightly different as the fuel is not as homogenous, with its different shapes and forms. We have been very impressed so far with the plant and it’s running very smoothly.” The new power plant is fitted

with the very latest in automation and digital technology. Joachim Rasmussen, Marine Engineer, Forsyning Helsingør, adds, “When we are running unmanned, we take it in turns to be on call should anything go wrong at the plant. If there is an

and ready to increase to full load for its first winter of operation where it will provide heat to the local residents and also generate valuable extra electricity. “We are really pleased, as we have achieved our aim to lower CO2 in and around the city, at the same time as give our customers district heating at a favorable price. The extra bonus for us is that we can now take advantage of the electricity market when prices are high and optimize our earnings capability.” CONTACT Marko Natunen

ANDRITZ complete service for BFB and CFB boilers

Operating from Norrköping in Sweden, ANDRITZ provides a dedicated service for BFB and CFB boilers. The centre has a complete facility, including design, material storage, and workshop to provide parts and service to our Scandinavian customers. “Our purpose is to assist

customers to extend the life of their BFB and CFB boilers and also to optimize performance,” says Timo Kyllönen, Project Manager, Power Plant Service, ANDRITZ. “The centre provides services across the board, including upgrading and renewing essential components of bubbling fluidized bed and circulating

fluidized bed boilers. The service center also provides expertise in reducing emissions, minimizing corrosion, and integrating challenging fuels.” TIMO KYLLÖNEN Project Manager, Power Plant Service, ANDRITZ

Spring 2020 Forest Bioenergy Review 15

The plant is now fully operational and ready for its first winter of operation.

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