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ANDRITZ’s scope of supply included the boiler island, from fuel silos to boiler outlet, based on its Ecofluid BFB boiler design.

Kraftvarmeværk chose ANDRITZ BFB technology because of its ability to handle the stringent emission demands. Marko Natunen, Director, Engineering and Project Execution, Power Boilers, ANDRITZ, says, “Our BFB technology is the best available on the market for biofuel processing on the scale needed at the Helsingør Kraftvarmeværk plant. Due to the stringent emission controls laid down, it is difficult to control emissions with the common “grate” technology, which is the type most used in similar-sized power stations in Denmark.”

Andritz was able to fulfill the strict

requirements regarding emissions for both CO and NOx with the specified biomass fuels and with combustion air humidification. Grate boiler technology is generally not able to meet these tough parameters. The CO emissions needed to be limited to 50 mg/Nm3 (dry 6% O2), which is exceptionally low for forest biomass fuels. Also, NOx emissions needed to be below 150 mg/Nm3 (dry 6% O2), which is reached with ammonia injection involving selective non-catalytic reductions in the combustion chamber.

There were other requirements

made by Helsingør Kraftvarmeværk, which included a minimum footprint, an inclined wall of the boiler house, special insulation cladding, and specified colors of various equipment for the visual identification of different boiler parts. “We are very proud of this

installation and we have many visitors here, including students from local schools, colleges, and universities who take part in our “Walk the Science” project, looking at how the physics are applied in the running of a biomass power plant,”

says Hansen. “It was important that the plant not only looks good but has optimal safety for groups to walk around. We made sure this was taken into account during this project.”

The project – local challenges ANDRITZ was chosen as the boiler supplier after a tender process in June, 2016, which involved other vendors including those with grate technology. “We looked at a few references, including one in Karlstad, Sweden, and it was clear that ANDRITZ has long experience in boiler

“We are really pleased, as we have achieved our aim to lower CO2 12 Forest Bioenergy Review Spring 2020

in and

around the city, at the same time as give our customers district heating at a favorable price.” Jens Steffen Hansen, Project Leader, Forsyning Helsingør.

“Due to the stringent emission controls, our BFB technology is the best available technology on the market for this size of plant.” Marko Natunen, Director, Engineering and Project Execution, Power Boilers, ANDRITZ.

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