In the past decade and a half especially nationally, adult learning has dwindled in many areas due to council cuts and selling off their assets due to being strapped for funds. Learning activities have sadly often been consigned to work-related schemes and any benefits in general, have been confined to a narrow sector of the adult population. Whether this will change in future is a concern, as government seems to have enough on its plate at the moment and very few seem to be flying the flag for adult learning and its wider cultural benefits.

Relationships and the importance of truly understanding self and others

Productive, meaningful relationships are important in every single part of our lives. Problems or discord, in any context, can cause practical/emotional havoc and can have the biggest impact on our lives.

We are born to be socially interactive creatures and it’s important to nearly every one of us to be generally liked, supported - and loved by those close to us.

When relationships become difficult, or fail, it can result in a sense of loss and self-worth. It can be an emotional roller-coaster of anger, sadness, fear, guilt and even despair.

Practically, we can become excluded from particular groups or gatherings because it’s awkward for others to have us there anymore.

If you have problems at home or work, it can affect how others perceive and behave toward you and, at work, potentially damaging or career changing.

In working for many years, both with private therapy clients and with organisations, I’ve found that building and maintaining good – and effective – relationships at work and home depends on several key things:

• Helping people to develop a conscious understanding of how the things that they do - and the way they

communicate- either helps build trust, co-operation and harmony - or can create misunderstanding, conflict and disconnectedness.

• Helping people understand the impact of personality type on themselves and others. Understanding

difference gives people a new perspective and enables them to discover ways to truly understand themselves and others and creates a different, improved level of conversation.

• Providing other helpful frameworks and concepts that enable people to a) see things from different and

new perspectives b) have honest, constructive conversations which help create common ground and c) develop new ways of thinking and behaving that support the development of better relationships.

Testimonial by Nicola

Rosie has been amazing at helping me overcome difficult situations in my work and personal life, making relationships better, in a very positive way. She instinctively uses her array of skills in combination to get to the heart of the issues I’ve needed to recognise and understand about myself and others in order to move forward and make my life healthier.

Rosie Stevens MA Psychotherapist and Coach

Tel: 07939 106560


Bothel and Kirkland WI welcomed Celia Burbush to talk of her works in West Cumbria with Prism Arts.

Bothel & Kirkland

Celia showed how, with Prism Arts they help those with psychosis, putting on plays and creating the whole performance from input from these troubled people. She is now enjoying working in a gallery and concentrating on her painting. Philippa Greggan thanked Celia for her talk.

Jenny Wren gave the AGM president report and it was agreed that all members would remain in their present positions. She was happy to welcome a new member and hopes more will join. Doreen Storey thanked the committee for all their hard work during the past year. A sub-committee was arranged to discuss creating a Village Foodbank collection and plans for the Christmas party were discussed.

Betty Earle won the prize for the Christmas Decoration and Jenny won the raffle. Maggie Bell

ISSUE 437 | 21 NOVEMBER 2019 | 14

Responsibility for what is offered up at Higham Hall College relies luckily on a Charitable Trust, not a council, which means politics cannot get in the way. So, we continue to offer plenty of options for adults of all ages. At this time of the year, we think about brightening up those winter months, offering the chance to enjoy some interesting creative activities, refreshing knowledge and spending time with like- minded others, fuelled by some decent 'tuck'.

If you simply wish to pop in to see why so many people enjoy what we offer, you'd be most welcome.

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