first through-hike, he was there for the second time. He was fully ready to ex- perience what life would give him. We both talked about many experiences and adventures that got us to where we were at that moment.

What came through in the conver-

sation was his ability to be fully present in each current moment of his life. He was able to listen – to really listen, and there was a lot of power in his words and in his being. It was this encounter that inspired me to hike the Appalachian Trail. It was this encounter that has shaped many of my weekends for the last three years. And it was this encounter that has brought many great experiences and many new thoughts into my life. How can we apply this to our work?

Here’s a suggestion: for this week, pay attention to which people you tend to avoid. Who is it you don’t like? Who would you rather not spend time with? Who triggers an emotional reaction for

you? Find at least one person to give another chance. Approach them with a mindset of curiosity: what do I not know about this person? What is she/ he saying that I haven’t heard before? What do I notice in the conversation that could have meaning for me? Step into the perspective of “I want to dis- cover something new” and see where it takes you.

PS: Before we parted, we talk-

ed about how far each of us still had ahead of us. We both checked where exactly we were on the trail. He pulled out a scruffy and soiled piece of paper with what looked like hieroglyphs to me (I later learned that it was a page from a trail book). He took one look and told me where we were. I wasn’t convinced and pulled out my iPhone. I opened the trail app only to discover that I couldn’t get a GPS signal. I’m still learning – and I will put my own advice to work as well.

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A scientist turned businessman, Josef Martens applies cutting-edge (and relatable!) insights from sciences to spark innovation and creativity, key advantages in a changing global economy. Top technology companies such as DaimlerChrysler, Merck and Siemens have sought Josef’s expertise and also Government agencies such as NASA, the Department of Defense and various intelligence agencies.

Josef’s credibility on innovation is unrivaled — he himself is an innovator. During his doctoral studies in physics at Cambridge and his post-doctoral research at the world- renown Cavendish Laboratory, his groundbreaking work led to multiple U.S., European and International patents.

Josef is also a Certified Speaking Professional, the highest-earned international designation by the National Speakers Association. October 2019 ❘ 55 ®

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