by Michael Buffalo Smith Eric Quincy Tate was one of the hottest

An Interview with David Cantonwine

bands on the Capricorn Records roster during the seventies. While they never got the push from the label that the Allmans received, they were rock and roll trench soldiers, and many a baby boomer remembers when EQT were riding high in the Southern Rock world. In celebration of the fifty years since their for- mation, we present an interview we did with group bassist David Cantonwine ten years ago, as a way share again a little history of this outstanding band. As the “cherry on top.” We also reached out to David recently for an update on his life, EQT and his new DOD Slider guitars.

Eric Quincy Tate's Dave Cantonwine: The GRITZ Interview, 2009

Eric Quincy Tate was one of the great-

est Southern Rock bands of all time, but they just never got the recognition they so richly deserved. The Texas based band was com- pared by many to fellow Capricorn Records artists The Allman Brothers Band, due mostly to their extreme talent and ability to take the music to another level in concert, playing ex- tended jams and brilliantly executed rock songs.Two of the band’s founding members died during the past year or so, leaving be- hind a musical legacy of great importance to any who ever heard them live or on record, because onc you herd the band, you were hooked for life.

We spoke with bassist David Cantonwine 9

about the band, his friends, and the whole Macon scene during the Southern Rock Era.

MBS: It’s been a rough few months on EQT fans, and I am sure on the band and family. First off, give me your thoughts on the late Donnie Mc- Cormick, his music and his art. DC: Donnie McCormick was a true friend and mentor. He taught me how to be a real musi- cian. I guess I can say that about all the guys in the band. We spent a lot of time together, touring and playing club dates. Donnie was a one of a kind. He didn’t act like, sing like, or talk like anyone else. And he was great at making you watch him while he was singing or playing the drums. Hell, I used to have a blast watching Donnie perform - and I was in the band! Best seat in the house.

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