Same question, Bear Sauls. Wayne Sauls was another true friend who would do anything for you. We were playing down at Grants Lounge one weekend, I think it was Saturday. We all got up and wandered around Macon and found this fresh meat market, and Bear said "I bet they got pigs feet in there.” So we go in and Bear told the lady that he wanted fourpigs feet. She said, “honey these all for you?” Bear said “Yeah.” She says “Okay, I'll give you four pigs feet. You gonna eat them all at one time?” Bear said, “Just four pigs feet please, %#$*&!!” The lady hol- lared out, “Junior! Give the man 16 of them pig feet!” I guess you had to be there but we all laughed our asses off. But yeah, Bear was a friend and damn good guitar player - sorry, GREAT guitar player.

Back to the beginning. How did the band come to be formed? What was you guys “battle plan” when you first got together, and what year was that? In 1967, I was having the time of my life, It was like - wow! Joe Rogers and I played to- gether in a band named The American Way. We were still in high school at that time, Dyke McCarty, our drummer, had this brother Allen who was the host of an American Band- stand type TV dance show on Saturday morn- ings called Teen Time. We were on TV every other week. Our manager owned the biggest rock venue in town, The Stardust Rollercade, so we played there ever other week. I was 17 and in high school. The band, the girls, sex in the parking lot during lunch - we were local rock stars. I really can’t remember why our band

broke up. But Joe and I parted after that and played with other bands. Somehow I wound up in Austin, Texas jamming with all those acid freaks - remember this was still ‘67. Anyway, I got a record deal with International Artists out of Houston - more acid. I think that was on a Fri - Fri - Fri - Da - Da - Da -

Day. (Laughs) I was supposed to start record- ing an album on Monday, so I decided to go down to see my parents that weekend, who lived in Corpus Christi. Long story short, while I was there I went out to a Club called the Muddy Turtle, and that's where the birth of Eric Quincy Tate took place. What a mess - goey shit everywhere.

How did Tony Joe White figure into your success? The first time I met Tony Joe White was at our local music store in Corpus Christi, Texas. He had his guitar with him, getting strings put on or something. But I remember asking him why his guitar was so dirty. He told me that It gave it soul. Gators got your granny... Donnie and Tony Joe were good friends and had grew up with the same influences. Don- nie had put out a couple of 45’s and had a local hit with "LCB"( Liquor Control Board) then Tony got this record deal and had the the national hit "Polk Salad Annie." Tony went on to the big time and on the way got us this record deal with Atco records, which led to Capricorn, staring Phil Walden and Frank Fenter.

Did you guys do a lot of shows with The Allmans? What was that like? Did you know Duane?


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