dled publicity for all the releases on High- Tone Records and Black Top Records, among others. In addition, my company handled publicity for a number of special projects, in- cluding The Class of '55 album, which re- united Jerry Lee Lewis, Johnny Cash, Roy Orbison and Carl Perkins at the legendary Sun Studio in Memphis, Willie Nelson's 1983 Atlanta Picnic, the 1991 South by Southwest Music Conference and the Atlanta premiere of Woody Allen's film, The Purple Rose of Cairo.

of them? – It was quite a diverse roster, with everything from Widespread Panic, 311, Cake, Ian Moore, The Aquarium Rescue Unit, Mick Fleetwood’s Zoo and The Dregs, to Hank Williams, Jr. Billy Burnette, and Kenny Ches- ney, among others. I also supervised most of our video efforts – everything from screening prospective directors, to securing video air- play on the major video outlets of the day – MTV, etc. In addition, I was Special Projects Coordinator, which had me involved in the details of all the wonderful “Capricorn Pres- ents” box sets we put together saluting some of the great indie label pioneers, such as Scep- tre/Wand, Jewel /Paula, Cobra, Fire/Fury and several others.

Mark with Sea Level and Mike Hyland.

So, you went back to work for Capri- corn when Phil started the company back up in Nashville. What was your job this time around? I had stayed in touch with Phil over the years after Capricorn filed for Chapter 11 in 1979 and worked with him on some of his manage- ment clients, including Jim “Ernest” Varney and Billy Bob Thornton, back when not many people knew who he was. The new label deal was percolating with a return to Warner Bros. in Nashville, so I knew things as they were happening. I signed on as Vice-President of Publicity in 1991, and eventually became VP/GM of the label the last six months I was there.

I imagine you worked with lots of dif- ferent artists this time. Who were some

Any special memories from that tenure? Being on the road with Kenny Chesney and watching as he became a budding superstar talent in country music; going to a Chicago Cubs game with him where I arranged for him to sing the National Anthem at Wrigley Field (I also caught a foul ball that day!). Tak- ing Ian Moore to do the David Letterman Show and The Today Show. Hanging out with Col Bruce backstage at NBC’s “Saturday Night Live.” Going with Hank Williams, Jr. and The Dregs (separately) to NBC-Burbank Studios when I secured spots for them on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

You returned to Atlanta in 1996 to start Mark Pucci Media, working with a huge variety of bands and artists. Tell is about MPM and who have been your most successful clients? We’re a full-service publicity company, which means we handle everything from national publicity to tour press. We like to envision us as the publicity department for a number of indie labels, whose artists we like, such as Stony Plain/True North Records, Severn

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