none of those reading this want these jobs! So,please stop regurgitating the bullshit we’re being fed by those who want to divide us. Immi- grants are not “taking our jobs!” They are feeding us with their lives! Why? Because this hell of an existence and the money it provides is often supe- rior to what they left. Think about that. If you cannot find understanding and compassion for those fleeing and trying to protect their chil- dren from starvation, crime, drug lords, gangs, poverty, government control, suffering and death that affects their countries (often at the hands of our government intervention), I don’t think I have anything else for you. Some people may just need to have other people’s experiences to find compassion for them.

Love your kids. Guide them. Give them

your time! Ask them what they’re doing. Know their friends, what they’re doing when they’re to- gether and where they’re going to hang out. They need those things way more than they need any toys or gadgets. If you can’t give them those things, don’t have kids! Birth control is legal, takes less time and energy and is a hell of a lot cheaper then kids. Talk to people who are different from you. Under- stand tha they are not the ones outsourcing your jobs, de-funding your education, taxing you to death (while the rich get richer and pay less taxes), making your medications and healthcare unaffordable, poisoning your planet and causing wars (where our soldiers and loved ones die and we spend outrageous amounts of money). We’re all in the same boat! We all want to survive and thrive! If someone else succeeds, it does not mean we cannot. If we use our energy to work together, in-

stead of against, our species will be saved! Please, try to do your part! Thank you. •

Las Vegas memorial. If you’re still here, thank you for listening

to my soap box pronouncements! After all that, what is the answer to this very complex and hor- rible situation of gun violence, hate and fear? The issue of people who hate others and believe in al- lowing them to suffer, or believe in killing them, is as old as man, I suppose. I think the answer is to open your heart and mind. Does it feel good in your heart and mind to hate? Really?! It may cre- ate “inclusion” and “camaraderie,” but hate never really feels good! It’s horrible for your health! Try to read and learn about different cul-

tures and people. Realize they are human. They feel and suffer just like you do. Learn the value in their existence. A whole lot of people LOVE Mexi- can food. Try, at least, to accept the people who brought it to our country and who work hard to prepare and serve it to you.

Electra (The Rock-n-Roll Health Chick) is an Inte- grative Health and Nutri- tion Consultant and Coach, specializing in the health of musicians. She is the co- creator and host of “Rockin’ Your Health,” which is heard on FM radio, is streaming on www.Elec- and is archived at www.OurHealthRevolu- You can find her online at ElectraLan-, on Face Book at ElectraLand Pro- ductions and Rockin’ Your Health Radio.

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