We did quite a few dates with the Brothers and everyone else in between. Doing dates with them was always party ‘til dawn, sleep all day, next gig. Knowing Duane back in those days was no big deal. We saw him and Gregg a lot in Macon, when we were recording. Duane did some session stuff with us, and Gregg and Donnie used to bullshit a lot. Back then the Brothers weren't that big yet, and I still couldn't believe I was making a record in the same studio that Otis Redding recorded in. That was the biggest thing to me. All the Macon acts used to hang out at Grants Lounge ‘til closing time, then go up the street to Hodges Hot Chicken Restaurant. The chicken was so hot your nose hairs would burn off before you could get it to your mouth. The other Capricorn bands, we all new each other on a “Hey how are ya” kind of thing. We all did gigs together all over the country so we would run into each other all the time, party ‘til we puked and hit the road again. Those were the days.

What do you recall about working with Paul Hornsby? Again, I was at that stage in my life where I could not believe I was in a band that had a record deal with the company that recorded Otis Redding. But recording with Paul Hornsby was a big learning experience for me. As I remember he was very patient with us and brought out the best in everybody. We still stay in touch a little on the digital high- way.

Where in the world did you guys get your band name? It came from Eric, for Clapton, Quincy for Jones and Tate as in potato.

Do you feel at all slighted by the powers that be? Many have said you should have been as big as the Allmans. Your thoughts? We should have been bigger than Led Zeppe-

lin. All the money was on the Brothers at that time. So, what are ya gonna do.

Tell us about some of the real high points in the career of EQT. Meeting all the famous people was a real high point. Once we opened up for B.B. King in Central Park. I was sitting outside smoking a cig before the show and this big black guy walks up to me and says "hello, I'm BB King,” and shook my hand. I about shit in my pants. I shook B.B. f**king King's hand. Here's one for ya. Back in ‘69 when the

band first got together we were playing this club in Austin, Texas. When we took a break the manager walked up to us and asked if we minded if some guys got up and jammed on our equipment. We said great, ya'll play as long as you want. We went outside for a smoke and I said, “You know who that is? That’s Jimmy Page. I think he was in the Yardbirds. Zeppelin was playing in Austin that night with Spirit- remember Spirit?

Sure. Randy California. Great band. They were on their first US tour. Okay, one more. I met Little Richard. EQT and his peo- ple were staying at the same hotel in Holly- wood. We had just played at the Whiskey-A-Go Go, That's a whole other story. Anyway, I asked Little Richard If that was his real hair. He grabs hold of his hair and yanks it off his head and says “Hell yeah, that’s my hair! I bought It!" That son of a bitch sold me an ounce of pot that turned out to be pipe to- bacco.

How many albums did you record and did you have any personal favorites and why? Is there a place that sells all of the EQT albums on CD? Yes, you can purchase CDs at www.ericquin- Search "order stuff." All of Eric Quincy Tate's albums have been transferred, remastered and converted to CD By "The Vinyl Masters" out of New York, and they

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