New Duragrain sectional doors from Garador

Garador has introduced an entirely new range of sectional garage doors. The new Duragrain range is a completely new concept where a realistic timber, natural stone or metal illustration is printed onto the outside steel surface of the garage door. These new designs offer customers a more graphical alternative to the paint and timber effect finishes currently available on the market. Garador’s Duragrain range is comprised of 24 decorative colour finishes, which are comprised of 5 incredibly realistic natural stone decors, 18 authentic treated timber decors and 1 metal decor. The development of this new printing technology opens up a whole new realm of possibilities for garage door panel design, with the most unusual and unique surface finishes now possible. Duragrain will only be available on Garador Premium Linear Large door styles, and the door will be fully insulated with PU-foam at 42mm thick, making the door ideal for properties where the garage is used as a workshop or gym or for storing equipment.

01935 443709 Library facility open all hours

Delivering a highly functional, yet stunning entrance solution to the Cochrane Building at Cardiff University, TORMAX was contracted by Ian Williams Ltd to install a combination of advanced automatic door systems. A single-leaf swing door leads into an internal lobby area that is formed using an elegant curved automatic sliding door. The entrance to the library is directly off this lobby, allowing staff and student access at all times, even when the main part of the building is closed off by securely locking the curved door. Both doors are powered by Swiss-designed, TORMAX iMotion operators, ensuring precise, whisper-quiet opening and closing that is appropriate for an important study area such as this. Reliability is unsurpassed thanks to a unique design feature of iMotion door drives which negates the need for parts that often wear out, such as gears and brushes, considerably reducing maintenance requirements and unscheduled down-time. Out-of-hours, the curved automatic door can be securely locked, restricting access to the Cochrane Building. The curved sliding door is powered by the iMotion 2202 door drive while the swing door is fitted with the iMotion 1201 operator. Metal Technology delivers global standards © Aidan Monaghan

Metal Technology were chosen to deliver its specialist glazing systems for the striking new Cookstown headquarters for engineering firm, CDE Global. For the impact required, Metal Technology’s System 17 Silicone Pointed

Curtain Walling was extensively used as it provided a seamless glass facade. This visually impressive system offers a diverse range of profiles that offers structural integrity, weather performance, thermal enhancement and importantly can only be seen on the inside of the building. Metal Technology’s frameless opening casement windows were also used to provide continuity in the glass facade appearance.

028 9448 7777 New college to benefit from Wraptite®

The new campus of the Southern Regional College in Armagh, Northern Ireland is set to benefit from the superior airtightness performance qualities of the Wraptite external air barrier system from the A. Proctor Group. Specialist building contractor

Felix O’Hare required a high-quality air tightness membrane and Wraptite System as an external air barrier as opposed to an internal air barrier system. Wraptite is the only self-adhering vapour permeable air barrier certified by the BBA and combines the important properties of vapour permeability and airtightness in one self-adhering membrane. This approach saves on both the labour and material costs.

01250 872261 ground floor over 650m2 Kingspan adds glitz to apartments

Kingspan Kooltherm has been installed as part of the conversion and expansion of a former office building, adding luxury accommodation to Birmingham’s historic Jewellery Quarter. To insulate the ceiling of the basement and an undercroft below the of Kingspan Kooltherm K110 PLUS Soffit

Board was specified. To insulate its external walls, 57.5 mm Kingspan Kooltherm K118 Insulated Plasterboard was installed. The product combines vapour control, 12.5 mm plasterboard and a premium performance insulation core in a single product.

01544 387 384 Insulation performance and daylighting

New research from building consultants, Peutz B.V., has revealed that by using higher performing insulation within rainscreen and cavity walls, it is possible to reduce construction thicknesses and achieve noticeable improvements in internal natural light levels. Its findings are explored in full in the updated Daylighting White Paper from Kingspan Insulation, available for download. The findings

showed that in all scenarios, the constructions using Kingspan Kooltherm insulation achieved improved average daylight factors. The percentage improvements can be viewed in Daylighting White Paper.

01544 387 384



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