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Industry pro joins South Florida Fair The South Florida Fair enthusiastically welcomes Becky

Brashear to its staff as its business development director. A veteran fair professional for three decades, Brashear is the former chief operating officer at The Maryland State Fair in Timonium and served as manager of The Great Frederick Fair and executive director of the Montgomery County Agri- cultural Fair. Brashear also served as chair of the International Associ-

ation of Fairs and Expos in 2017 and is a 2014 graduate of the IAFE’s Institute of Fair Management. In 1998, she was awarded the IAFE’s highest distinction as a Certified Fair Executive. At the South Florida Fair, Brashear will be responsible for

working with teams to look at streams of traditional and nontraditional revenue. “We’ll be looking at producing things in house and at dif-

ferent ways we can work with partners and sponsors to en- hance the overall fair experience for the public as well as for those partners and sponsors,” Brashear said. “We want to retain our traditionalism as well making sure we’re progres- sive and on the cutting edge … making sure we’re keeping things fresh and current.” Balancing traditional offerings with new initiatives is im-

portant not only for the fair itself but also throughout the year for the many programs that the South Florida Fair of- fers, such as activities in Yesteryear Village, a living history park located on the fairgrounds, and agricultural events for students. “I’m excited,” said Brashear. “I’ve been in management

over 29 years and something I’m really looking forward to is the creative side and how we can work together as a team to bring some of these really unique opportunities to the South Florida Fair.” Brashear brings with her an understanding of agriculture

from both her experience in the fair industry and as the agri- culture and greenhouse section editor of the Frederick News-Post for 12 years. In 1989, she was recognized for the Best Coverage of Agricultural News by the National Newspaper Association’s Better Newspaper Contest. Among the overarching opportunities that Brashear is

looking at is the “Farm to Table” concept as a way to in- crease the fair’s year-round presence. “Farm to Table would do that … looking at opportunities to

showcase locally produced foods, local chefs and beverag- es,” she said. As for the fair itself, Brashear points to the added value

that the South Florida Fair offers. “It’s so great to see that the South Florida Fair has so

many things that individuals can enjoy that’s part of their gate admission ticket,” she said. “It’s added value — wheth- er it’s an ice skating show, roving entertainment on the grounds or the community stage, a magician or whoever it might be. There’s just so many added value pieces to this fair that you’d be hard pressed to go anyplace else and find that you’d be able to meet the value of your admission tick- et. I think that’s great.” Brashear also brings a plethora of experience form her work with IAFE, having served as the past Zone II director

Faircracker SUMMER 2019

and convention program chair in 2013. She is past chair of the IAFE’s Concessions Committee and sat on the IAFE’s National Consumer Protection Task Force for Fairs, Shows and Pet- ting Zoos. Brashear served twice as the IAFE’s Zone 2 membership chair, as well as the national organization’s mem- bership chair. She served on the IAFE’s initial advisory board of what is now the Institute of Fair Management, as well as numer- ous other committees. She also has given numerous presentations and work-

shops across the country and at the IAFE Convention on fair operations, agriculture education programs, public rela- tions, recycling/green initiatives, board of director changes, incorporating technology into fair competitions, premium books, and computer programs. She also has written nu- merous articles for the IAFE’s Fairs and Expos Magazine and continues to judge many county, state, regional and national 4-H and FFA youth competitions ranging from profi- ciency awards to public speaking, as well as the IAFE’s ag- riculture awards, competitive exhibits and advertising and promotions. In 1985, Brashear was presented the National FFA’s Honorary American Farmer Degree at the national convention. Since 1997, Brashear and her respective teams have gar-

nered more than 70 IAFE awards for the educational/ communication program offerings at The Maryland State Fair and The Great Frederick Fair. “We are thrilled to have Becky join our team at the South

Florida Fair,” said South Florida Fair COO & Vice President Vicki Chouris. “Her varied and lengthy industry experience is invaluable and ultimately will benefit our guests, sponsors and partners.”

Florida Strawberry Festival welcomes Becky Brashear to Florida.

Ellany Johnson from the

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