Diamond Lamps 24 Months/1500 Hour Warranty Now Available!

Where most projector manufactures off er between 1-3 months’ cover on their replacement lamps - Diamond Lamps now provides a comprehensive 24 month/1500 hour warranty free of charge with every lamp.

We make the highest quality lamp modules for all projector brands: • same performance as OEM lamps • Same lamp-life as OEM lamps But with lower prices and longer warranties!

Lamp Warranty

Diamond Lamps is totally committed to quality and its lamps have a reputation for their reliability and for a very low level of returns. Nevertheless. should any of our products fail in use, we provide a comprehensive 24 month / 1500 hour manufacturer’s warranty against any defect in material or workmanship.

Philips Lighting carried out a six-month test comparing the performance of OEM projector lamps against various after-market alternatives; the results were shocking.

We have made a video that we think clearly explains the results and would help a projector user to understand the comparisons and the potential dangers in selecting the cheapest lamps online.

We would like to off er you the opportunity for you to show this video on your web site or to email it to your customers.

Contact us and we will provide you with access to the video and support materials to help you display it. And we’ll give you the rights to use our “Authorized Reseller” logo to demonstrate that you are authorised to sell Diamond Lamps.

We source our projector lamps directly from the World’s leading lamp manufacturers (the same companies who supply the leading projector brands) and we build them into our own high quality cages to make lamp modules. As a result, our lamp modules always deliver outstanding performance in terms of colour, lifetime and brightness.

Available to buy now from Exertis Please contact your account manager for more information

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