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Direct view LED: supply and innovation

It wasn’t so long ago that the market for indoor LED was beset with controversy about reliability and the sustainability of some Far Eastern suppliers. Some of this continues, although markedly less, and what there is being offset by the entry of some traditional AV suppliers into the direct LED sector. And, while relative unknowns continue to enter the market, their role is to drive innovation as they seek to differenti- ate their products.

This year’s ISE provided a showcase of the state of the art in LED and a glimpse of the near future in some cases. One of the stars of the show as un- doubtedly Samsung’s QLED 8K digital signage technology, with the Wall in 8K and 8K HDR technology the potential mas- terpiece in LED signage While the wall stole the show, Samsung was keen to under- line that the new QLED visual

with Artificial Intelligence (AI) upscaling technology for


like images, which enables us- ers to enjoy immersive viewing experiences. The AI upscaling technology in commercial dis- plays will capture the attention of

potential customers; and

to store owners and advertis- ers, this means more content production at lower costs and lower resolution but higher res- olution display in 8K quality

Samsung says it will launch a 292” version of The Wall dis- play in 8K globally in the first half of this year. The Wall is a large-format modular display ideal for luxury residences as well as for business purpose, configurable and customiz- able to a variety of sizes and ratios from 73” to 292”. Its slim, bezel-less infinity


LG used Transparent LED Film for this car showroom concept at ISE.

tion - Multi-Link LED HDR – said to be the the industry’s first 8K LED HDR technology. Using Samsung’s proprietary algorithm and scene analysis, Multi-Link LED HDR turns any content into HDR quality, without special me- ta-data.

Multi-Link LED HDR for sig- nage delivers is said to deliv- er unparalleled image quality, featuring Inverse Tone Mapping (ITM) and Dynamic Peaking to maximize brightness and con- trast ratio of the full screen by doubling peak luminance. The Colour Mapping feature also sets an adaptive colour gamut for true

Link LED, integrators do not require a separate device to sync content presented on 8K displays. Multi-Link LED HDR supports all Samsung SMART LED Signage products and is also compatible with The Wall Professional and the IFJ Series.


Where Samsung is given an opportunity to impress, you can bet that LG won’t be far behind – or even in front! LG’s Colour Transparent LED Film is described as “a revolution in display technology”. It is a

The transparent LED film is self-adhesive, so it can be eas- ily attached to the surfaces of existing window glass without the need for complicated con- struction. The size and layout of the film can be customized to fit in to the installation area. It can be expanded by adding more films, in a vertical or hor- izontal direction, or cut in par- allel with the bezel to meet the size requirements.

A high degree of transparency (73%) allows the glass to re- main visible even after attach- ing the film, with no adverse effects on the original design.

NEC technology installed in London’s Royal Opera House at part of a project to open up facilities to the public.

display quality is expected to drastically impact the entire commercial digital signage in- dustry. The future of display signage is expected to include both The Wall 2019 and dis- play featuring Multi-Link LED HDR technology. Seog-gi Kim, Executive Vice President of Visual Display Business at Samsung Electron- ics, said: “By introducing 8K in display signage, businesses can deliver impeccable picture quality to their audiences in a way that was previously not possible. The 82” QLED 8K Signage is just one of the many industry-leading products we are excited to showcase at ISE 2019. We look forward to intro- ducing the global AV industry to the commercial applications of 8K.”

Samsung presented the new 82” QLED 8K Signage, which is said to combine combines the market’s highest resolution

– clever because it allows the traditional ecosystem to main- tain existing workflows and pro- duction systems.


Much the same can be said of the techniques and solutions used to deploy the new sig- nage’s slim design, at less than 40mm deep, it is said to pro- vides hassle-free installation by adopting Samsung’s advanced optical technology and blends into any environment in portrait or landscape mode. With a resolution of 7,680 x 4,320 pixels, individual pixels in an image become impercep- tible to the human eye. QLED 8K displays are also said to deliver enhanced black colour presentation through local dimming and Quantum Light Control. The display features HDR10+ along with 4,000nit peak brightness.

design allows The Wall dis- play to blend subtly into its surroundings. The Ambient Mode allows customization of the display by showcasing diverse content such as pho- tos and art and matching the background to complement its surroundings. A customis- able décor frame also allows the display to fit any luxury space. To compliment the display’s visuals, Samsung works with industry-leading partners, in- cluding Harman Luxury Audio and

Steinway Lyngdorf for

sound solutions, Control4, Crestron and Savant for home automation solutions, and Domotz, Ihiji and OrvC on re- mote monitoring capabilities for channel partners.

Multi-Link technology

Samsung will introduce its second major ISE immola-

NEC shows its new dvLED range at ISE2019.

and vivid LED colours. Moreover, Multi-Link LED HDR delivers live content with lower latency through an optimal live mode. It helps eliminate cable clutter of other displays with a 100-meter (330 foot) LAN1 ca- ble.

The Multi 8K Frame Lock function embedded in Multi-

transparent LED film that can be pasted to an existing glass surface, thanks to its special self-adhesive material – and it certainly caused a stir at ISE. The Film’s transparency en- dows the glass surface or win- dow to which it is attached with a mystical beauty full of vivid colour.

When the LED is ON, the film effectively displays content and information as digital sig- nage, while also providing a see-through view with superb transparency. When the LED is OFF, the film is unnoticeable, blending into the glass. The Film delivers a surpris- ingly wide range of colours us-

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