and engaging to the custom- ers. With a single touch, swipe or gestures these displays can provide a world of information to both shopper and retailer, and there is no reason why this facility cannot be incorporated in a window display and inte- grated in a multi-channel sce- nario.

The touch and gesture sen- sors provide a wide range of ap- plications for multiple industry verticals which includes gam- ing, transportation, POP devic- es, ATMs, retail signage, media players, personal computers, and laptops. One of the great- est benefits of touchscreens is the intuitive interaction be- tween user and device.

Future trends

Convergence is a key focus within

digital signage, with

voice and facial recognition an- alytics, object recognition, AI and AR all under evaluation or being trialled in concept loca- tions. These technologies could potentially drive demand for more powerful, edge-based pro- cessing and storage, generating further business opportunities. According to a report entitled: ‘Retail Touch Screen Display Market - Global Industry Analy- sis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast 2018 – 2026’, the retail touch screen market is undergoing a high degree of innovation. In order to survive in

this competitive environ-

ment, retailers are looking for new ways to attract and even keep the existing customers. Some of the major trends in the global retail touch screen display market includes multi touch technology in touch- screen solutions, which is ex- pected to augment the user experience and increase


growth rate of global market during the forecast period to 2026. This is an addition- al advantage to touch screen technology and the users are getting more attracted to touch screen displays owing to multi touch panel technology.

Emerging technologies

Based on technology the mar- ket can be bifurcated into in- frared technology, capacitive technology, acoustic technol- ogy, resistive technology, opti- cal technology, and embedded technology. Capacitive technol- ogy can be further categorized into projected capacitive tech- nology and surface capacitive technology. Acoustic technolo- gy can be further divided into dispersive signal touch, surface acoustic, wave acoustic, and pulse recognition. Among all the technology, the capacitive touch technology and resistive touch technology are anticipat- ed to dominate the global retail touch screen display market. Furthermore, the application segment of global retail touch screen display market can be diversified into banking kiosk, signature capture, self-service outlets, check-in/check-out ki- osk, portable devices and point of sale equipment. LG’s Trans- parent Colour LED film display, first introduced at InfoComm

2018, the revolutionary display has the ability to turn any win- dow or glass surface into a cus- tomisable digital canvas. The technology has an exciting fu- ture when combined with touch or gesture control. Currently, LED film can display pictures, animation and videos with various colour combinations,

making it ideal for indoor and window-facing areas with large glass surfaces such as retail storefront windows. Finally, even technologies which don’t immediately come to mind for retail store fronts, like projection, come into their own for subdued lighting en- vironments. At ISE, Epson in-

troduced the EB-U50 signage projector. This is designed to captivate an audience by illu- minating and projecting on vir- tually any surface, the EB-U50 has been designed to be space friendly and unobtrusive. It can be used as a projector or a spot- light, and is ideal for shop win- dow displays, retail showrooms,

dynamic or experiential con- tent for digital art, commercial signage, décor, education or corporate presentations. With market set to grow to 2926, the shop window will continue to be the subject of innovation and change.

Next month: we will report on how much of this is on ev-

idence at the Olympia RBTE show – the annual showcase for retail innovation.



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